Movie Magic Monday: Books to Movies Updates

I’ve spent most of the weekend reading. Like hard core, walking with a book in my hand and crashing against doors kind of reading. Reading for pleasure and to refuel the muse. I haven’t done that for FAR too long. It felt SO good.

When I was done with my mental vacation (two books in two days!), I played online a bit and found some really awesome news, which you all might already know, but which I’m just finding out, so here it is.

On September 30th, Maggie Stiefvater announced that Shiver has been optioned for a movie. Can I beg for Lament and Ballad to join those ranks?! PLZ?!

That’s not all. Libba Bray’s A Great and Terrible Beauty, is also coming to theaters.

Let’s get you even more excited, shall we? One of my very favorite characters of all time, Ramona Quimby, has a movie in the works! Ramona and Beezus comes out sometime in August of this year, and it stars Disney teen queen Selena Gomez, and itty bitty Joey King as Ramona.

And of course, no one can forget Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, (pt 1? seriously?), coming in September.


Is anyone else as psyched about this YA book to movie revolution?! It’s everywhere! Percy Jackson, Wimpy Kid, Eclipse, etc. I feel like I’m in movie heaven. Granted, they wont’ all be great. But the fact that they’re getting done and drawing attention to the amazing variety of YA books out there- priceless.

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3 responses to “Movie Magic Monday: Books to Movies Updates

  • Lisa

    Honestly, Isabelle, sometimes I think we’re grown from the exact same roots, and sometimes… I don’t. haha Ramona Quimby is one of your favorite characters of all time? And to be honest, I can’t imagine Deathly Hallows NOT being two movies. This isn’t Breaking Dawn, which includes 400+ pages of fluff. Every page in Deathly Hallows is pretty imperative to the resolution of a seven-book saga. All I’m worried about is where they’re splitting it, and how I’m going to get from one movie to another.

    • Isabelle

      I grew up with Ramona, read ALL of her books, and just loved her misadventures and very normal family life. I had a very abnormal family life, so I totally lived vicariously through her and was taken from the very sad ghetto where I lived to a nice suburban house, home and family. I love Ramona and have some very fond memories of her.

      Granted, that was before I started to get into the truly sophisticated reading, more adult stuff I eventually got into. It was during my Babysitters Club phase.

      I never said I wasn’t a dork. lol

      • Lisa

        LOL Fair enough. I was forced to read her in the third grade and have held a grudge ever since, especially since I read Judy Blume books and was always accused of reading Ramona books because people get her and Beverly Cleary mixed up a lot.

        Never did read Babysitters’…. I almost wanted to, but you know me and my in-order-or-else thing. By the time I considered Babysitters’ Club, there were too many books and just the thought of trying to catch up made my head spin a bit.

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