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So Where’ve They Been Anyway?

Hey fellow Hollow Tree enthusiasts!

I’m seriously sorry for taking so long to get this post up. It was supposed to be up late last week, but as with most things, life did quite the job of distracting me.

My partner in crime, Lisa, is in the middle of a cross-state-lines move which means that she’s out of commission on the writing front, and while I temporarily considered running this bad boy on my own (for a good ten minutes!), I know I don’t have it in me to write a free short story every week! Sorry guys! I’m on a diet, and the amount of cookies that would require would be counter productive!

So Hollow Tree is going on a temporary (very temporary) hiatus. Don’t alarm yourselves. We’ll be back with more great freebies soon. In the meantime, feel free to look back at any you’ve missed and leave us little nuggets of gold in the form of feedback. We LOVE feedback around here and we LOVE hearing from you.

I’m also opening up this post for ideas! If you guys have interesting requests, ideas, things you’d like to see (not just on Hollow Tree, but in the publishing world in general), share it with us! I’ll be around to answer comments and hang out.

We hope to hear from you. And we’ll be back soon.

-Isabelle and Lisa

Gemini’s Treasure by Isabelle

“Tell us again, boy,” Captain Raneir sneered, his hot breath reeking with the putrid scent of rot and meat, his teeth chipped, black, and full of decay. “Tell us again how the devil lass with the angel’s song tried to sink me here furner.”

The men surrounding him laughed, loud and disingenuous, causing the small cabin below deck to rumble with its power. Nicolas could hardly see them clear through the water wall stinging his eyes and blurring his vision. He braced himself against the strong hand pushing him back into the ice cold darkness. His lungs burned. His cheeks and nose lost all feeling.

“S’all true,” he shouted, between gasps of air. “Everything I said is.”

“It be me own fault,” Captain Raneir exclaimed with exaggerated disappointment. “Pickin’ up sprogs cause I can pay ’em cheap, placin’ the black spot on the lot of us. A right mad scallywag he be. Takin’ us right to Davy Jones’ Locker.” Continue reading

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