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And the winner is…

Can you believe that it’s now November? Man, time does fly by when you’re not paying attention or locked oneself in the bookstore (no that wasn’t me on the news…maybe…). Anyway I just wanted to thank everyone who participated in our contest and it was so great to see what all of you are reading as well. Now it’s time to announce our winner (drum roll please)…congrats to Gail Zuniga. Please be sure to let me know what email addy you would me to send the gift card to. Also because I had so much fun I’m going to give a second prize gift card of $10 out as well, and the winner for that is mamabunny13.

Congrats to both winners and thank you to everyone. Also starting next Thursday I’ll be starting back with book reviews again. Plus who else is looking forward to Lisa and Isabelle?

Have a great Wednesday!


thephoneix’s bookbag spills open…Win a $25 Amazon Giftcard

It feels like forever since the last time I’ve posted in the Hollow. Between work and yeah it’s mostly work I find myself with less time on my hands to sneak in a book. Le sigh. I always say one should read a book a week if not a day, but that could be my book addiction talking. Hee. Anyway to get back into the swing of things and hopefully (crosses fingers) to start writing book reviews again I’ve come up with a small contest to keep us entertained. Well at least I hope everyone is entertained when reading my reviews.

The contest is pretty simple and rules are stated below. As for the prize, well I’m going to give away a $25 Amazon Giftcard which you can use however you want to. I might give away two, but it depends upon the response. Good luck everyone!


Just answer the two following questions in a comment below: 1) What’s your favorite book and 2) What book are you currently reading right now. Pretty simple right? Contest runs from Sept. 23rd to October 31, 2011.

The winner(s) will be picked randomly and the results will bebe announce on Nov. 1, 2011, so good luck to you all and don’t forget to enter.

thephoneix’s bookbag: “The Iron Witch” by Karen Mahoney (a review)

A day late and a book review short. Okay maybe it’s been longer than a week since my last book review, but would you believe me if I said that I got lost in the bookstore. No? Yeah, I’m not sure how credible that excuse is, but it was worth a try. Well I did get some reading done in bits and pieces, which brings us to my reading list. I was supposed to be doing a review of Evermore by Alyson Noel, but I got distracted by another book and its gorgeous cover. I did mention I’m a sucker when it comes to a pretty cover right? This week finds me with a new author, Karen Mahoney, and her debut book “The Iron Witch.”

the iron witch book cover

The Iron Witch tells the story of Donna Underwood, who has spent her whole life feeling like a freak as she keeps at bay the nightmares of what happened to her at seven years old. At seven years old, her father was killed while protecting her from a vicious fey attack which left her with not only emotional scars, but ones on her hands and arms. Now seventeen years old, she’s found her sense of normal in the shape of her best friend Navin, while trying to balance her magical heritage as member of an order of alchemists. All too soon things start to happen, from meeting the new guy Xan as well as finding that that the fae aren’t done just yet with her.

Now this story definitely started off a bit slow for me, but once I settle in to the mythology that Ms. Mahoney was building it started to pick up speed. I was intrigued by the hints of the alchemists’ society and their war with the “dark outcast of Faerie.” There was a lot of world building, which was a major part of the book slowing down, but the potential of what was hinted at intrigues me to wonder just how great the sequel will be. From the twist on the old tale of the girl (maiden) with silver hands to the twisted wood elves to the actual main characters there was a lot to speculate about and enjoy. My only other problem was the haste that the plot was quickly wrapped up, but the ending definitely hints at there’s a lot more that’s going to happen. I give this one a solid B.

Hope to be back next week with my real review on Evermore by Alyson Noel. Here’s hoping I either A) don’t get lost in the bookstore again, or B) get enchanted by more gorgeous book covers. Let’s keep those fingers crossed alright. Also I’m thinking of doing a give away with some of these books that are currently taking up space on my desk. Thoughts?

thephoneix’s bookbag: The Wicked Woods by Kailin Gow (A review)


So this week I continued with my quest (mind you it’s a new one) to try books by authors that I haven’t read before. Now I’m not sure how long this quest is going to last before I dash back into the comfortable arms of my favorites, but hopefully I’ll get through the stack that’s currently resting on my desk. A girl can dream right?

Anyway this week I decided to go with Wicked Woods by Kailin Gow, whose Frost series I’ve heard such great things about. Despite my love for fairies/fae (I’m blaming Peter Pan), I decided that I would give Wicked Woods a whirl first and go from there.

Now Wicked Woods starts with Briony Patterson who finds herself living with her great Aunt Sophie in Wicked Woods, Massachusetts after the disappearance of her parents and younger brother. Apparently disappearances are the norm as it seems people tend to walk in the woods and never come back. Briony finds out pretty early that Wicked Woods seems to be a nexus where all types of creatures go bump in the night.

I got to admit I was curious to see where Ms. Gow was planning to take what had been a promising premise, but I found out soon (and I mean soon) just exactly what was going on in Wicked Woods. At times I was in disbelief at what seemed to be some kind of parody of Buffy right down to the forbidden love of slayer/vampire and geeky sidekicks. Without giving away anymore spoilers, from the one dimensional characters to the predictable plot, I was sadly disappointed in what promised to be something good. I sadly give this book a disappointing C, and frankly now I’m weary in trying out the Frost series. Still I sometimes find that an atuhor can surprise you when he/she writes something different.

So what did all of you think for those who read it?

I’ll see all of you next Thursday to discuss “Evermore” by Alyson Noel.

thephoneix’s bookbag: Switched by Amanda Hocking (A review)


I got to admit that whenever I’m in my local bookstore I always find myself in the YA section fascinated by all the gorgeous covers. I know I should probably at least read a few pages before making a final purchase, but yeah it usually boils down to the pretty cover. I know, I know it’s shameful, but come on who doesn’t fall for a pretty picture every now and then.

So last weekend I found myself in the same predicament and I stumbled across “Switched” by Amanda Hocking. I’ve never read one of her books before, but I was intrigued by the blurb, the cover, and strangely enough the font on the cover as well. Did I forget to mention that I’m a sucker for font as well?

Switched” starts off with main character Wendy Everly on the day of her sixth birthday where she finds herself facing off with her mother who literally thinks her daughter is a monster and aims to kill her. Fast forward eleven years later, and Wendy begins to fear that she is indeed the monster that her mother proclaimed her to be. Between discovering an ability that she never knew she had as well as thinking that the new mysterious boy might be stalking her, Wendy isn’t too sure what to believe in. Just when she thinks she’s finally found somewhere to belong, she finds out there’s more than a homecoming waiting for her.

Now I don’t want to give anything away, but I was definitely intrigued when I found out exactly just what and who Wendy is. After reading so many vampires and fairies book, it was a pleasure to see another magical being getting some time in the YA world. I would definitely recommend this book as a quick and pleasurable read. At times the pace was a bit too slow to me and the ending will leave you with two reactions…grumpy or eagerly searching out for the sequel. Either way I give it a solid B. So has anyone read this? If so, what do you think of it? And have you read the sequel, “Torn” yet?

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