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Lisa’s What day is this Anyway? Perspective: Comic Con!

Phew.  Okay, it’s Wednesday. I know that.  I missed my Post yesterday, apologies.  The past week has been insane for me.  First Comic Con, and then moving back to Utah.  But enough about my life.  I want to show off some of the cool stuff I saw at the San Diego Comic Con.

Like most years, I spent comparatively a lot of time at the LEGO booth.  I was able to go into the floor early on Thursday, and get some clear shots without the masses of crowds in the way!

Of course the very first thing I took a picture of was something Harry Potter.  More specifically, the new LEGO Harry Potter video game.  I was able to play around on the the game a little bit, and I LOVED it.  Of course, I’m a big fan of LEGO video games in general – they’re just my type of video game. All you have to do is smash things and fight people, and you have endless lives to do it with.  Fun, fun. 😉

Bar none, one of the biggest things at the Con this year was TRON: Legacy.  If you’ve never seen the original TRON (I hadn’t, until a few weeks ago) I highly suggest checking it out.  Last year when they started promo-ing the twenty-years-in-the-making sequel, I didn’t really get the hype, but now I’m just as excited as anybody.  Well, maybe not quite, because I haven’t been waiting for it for nearly as long, but I’m so looking forward to what they can do with the film.  The first one was amazing so far as the technology of the time was considered, and the new one promises nothing less than that.

Of course, the thing I really went there for was the panels.  Actually, ONE panel in specific.  The WB panel.  My fiancé and I stood in line for no less than FIVE HOURS in order to get a glimpse at the big hits the WB is working on at the moment.  Namely: The Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, a new femme-powered Zack Snyder film called Sucker Punch featuring Emily Browning and some other fantastic ladies, and for the first time ever at Comic Con, Harry Potter.

Really, Harry Potter only brought out Tom Felton (ONLY?!!!) and showed new footage (which they asked us not to record) but I have to say from a die-hard fan’s point of view that the film looks amazing.  I was nearly jumping out of my seat with excitement.  And it was fun to see Tom.  He is such a cutie.

One of the funnest bits of the panel was when a little boy asked Ryan Reynolds to recite the Green Lantern oath, though.  This kid was such a scene stealer.  Have a look:

So!  That was a little taste of my Comic Con experience.  I think Sucker Punch looks fantastic, too.  About five girls in a mental institution, and going back and forth from the real world, where the main girl is in danger of being labotomized, to a fantasy world where the girls can (and do!) do whatever they want.  It looks very, very cool.  I’m extremely excited for all three films!

Lisa’s Tuesday Perspective: This Week – Comic Con!

Some of you may know that tomorrow starts the annual San Diego Comic Con, the biggest pop culture convention in the world, basically.  I’ve been going to the Con for years now, either working it or just going for fun with my family.  I’ve seen some fun stuff, too.   The Supernatural boys (actually, just Jensen), David Tennant from Doctor Who (be still my heart!), movie panels, sneak peaks at movies and TV shows… the works.  I’ll only be going a couple of days this week, but I’m looking forward to it.  It’s a lot of madness and a LOT of people, but it’s always fun.

The biggest thing I’m looking forward to this year?  Well, there’s no Twilight panel (I’m kind of relieved) but there just so happens to be a Deathly Hallows one.  Or, okay, a WB one, that will include the Deathly Hallows.  I’m not holding my breath towards seeing Dan Rad or Rupert Grint, but maybe if life loves me I’ll see a Phelps boy or two.  There is a slim possibility that Ryan Reynolds will be making an appearance in said panel also, to promote The Green Lantern.  I’m going to spend all Saturday morning standing in line to see this panel, but I’ll be doing it with a nice boy who loves me, so it should be fun.

My point in all of this?  Is that I plan on taking a lot of pictures and reporting back here next week.  I’m also hoping to get some yummy ARC books from the publishing house tables.  Mmmm, free books.  See you all next week!

Thursday Myths & Legends 101: Boggarts

The traditional Boggart is not quite as interesting as the one found in Harry Potter, which turns into whatever you fear the most so that no one really knows what it looks like.  Rowling’s Boggart is defeated with laughter, but the genuine article is neither quite as scary, nor quite as easy to deal with.

Boggarts in traditional English legend are a malevolent kind of household fairy.  These creatures spoil milk, make dogs go lame (poor things!) and perform nasty tricks like making things disappear or stealing your sheets while you’re sleeping.

In Northwest England, it is believed that boggarts live underneath bridges or near sharp (pointedly dangerous) curves in roads, and it is custom to pay your respects to the boggart while passing by—in order for it to let you do so safely.

The one defense really against a boggart is to move from the house it resides in, but some boggarts may actually follow you!  Whatever the case, do not name your boggart.  If you give it a name, a boggart becomes completely unmanageable.  If you were ever able to manage it in the first place, that is. 😉

Fun Friday: Now Open! The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

We’re a little late on this!  A week ago today, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened up at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

I. Have. No. Words.

Except to say that I really, really want to go.  I’m dying to go.  I’m not one for swarming in crowds, but I’d chance it for this, almost.  Well, if I lived a little closer than I do, that is.  Here’s a fun little video highlighting the grand opening of the park, complete with glimpses of J.K. Rowling and all of our favorite wizardy boys…

In other Harry news, the filming for Deathly Hallows is now complete.  That news in and of itself hurt for me to hear a little bit.  I’m really glad the book is being split into two films, because I’m honestly glad to be able to stretch that little bit of new Harry Potter joy out for a wee bit longer, and now at least I know that when the films are done, I’ll have this lovely park to look forward to!  Hope the butterbeer is still fresh!

Fun Friday: Crafty Fantasy Fans!

Hello and Happy Friday!  Lisa here.  As some of you may know, in my other life, I’m a yarnie and bookbinder.  I’m also a big promoter of the craft site Etsy, and I have a little shop there where I sell my journals.  I’m far from being the only fantasy-loving craftie on the site, though, and I wanted to showcase a couple of the fun things people make, inspired by the very kinds of stories we love here.

Firstly, a journal from a fellow bookbinder… this is, yes, a Vampire Diary, by repaper.

It wasn’t exactly inspired by the show or the books, according to the listing, but personally I can’t help but thinking about a Salvatore or two when I look at it.  I think the toothy look of the binding and the bits of red “blood” are especially clever.  Fun!

Secondly, some Summer Fairies yarn by WeirdAndTwisted.

This yarn shop is fab.  I also really like her handspun that’s inspired by Hagrid’s coat on Harry Potter.  This fairy yarn is lush and perfect, though… it definitely looks fairy-worthy.

This next listing is reverse-engineered by BoopieCreations from the new movie Alice in Wonderland, which I just reviewed on Monday.

You can see just how close this knitter came to the originals, in the picture here.  You can also find a lot of Twilight knits on Etsy, of course!

And lastly, because I was so excited to run across it…

This is a lovely necklace by cynthial11 that’s inspired by Maggie Stiefvater’s Wolves of Mercy Falls series, shown with a cover of Shiver, one of my favorite books that I read last year.  The sequel, Linger, is due out in just a little over a month (July 20th!) and I can’t wait!  You can read our interview with Maggie right here.

I just love seeing how people can take inspiration from myths and stories and create beautiful things—or recreate, as the case may be.  Are any of you crafters?  What inspires you?

Lisa’s Tuesday Perspective: Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan

The second novel in the Percy Jackson series is in a lot of ways, more of the same.  Percy and Annabeth run away from a not-as-safe-as-it-used-to-be Camp Half-Blood along with a new friend Tyson, in order to save Grover, who is in perilous danger.

I can’t really say a whole lot about this book that I didn’t say about the first.  Riordan jumps from myth to myth to obscure mythological character in an action-packed way that is really fun to try and keep up with.  This book went much faster for me than the first, and truly did feel like a continuation of the same book.  My one criticism would be that you don’t feel very much as if Percy is developing as a character—he’s the same kid at the end of this book as he was when he started the first one.

That said, there is some sweetness to his relationship with the oft-rejected Tyson—a friend who turns out to have more of a connection with Percy than he first realizes.  There is also a lot of hinting going on towards what may come in the later books, which is really fun to catch on to.  Can the traitorous Luke actually be saved?  Is the big mysterious prophecy about Percy—and if it is, what does that mean?

And even if the characters aren’t developing a whole lot individually, the friendships between them and the overall climate between Percy, the gods, and his fellow half-bloods.  There are so many characters that are coming in and out of the story that it would be overwhelming—except that we already know almost all of them from mythology.  Meanwhile, there are a lot of gray-scale characters involved that are neither all good nor all bad—and grayscale is what I live read for.  So while I don’t feel as emotionally tied to Percy as I did to (sorry to draw the comparison) say, Harry Potter, and I don’t necessarily see him taking life lessons away from his experiences—I’m still really happy to be along for the ride.

Give it an A.

Movie Magic Monday: Books to Movies Updates

I’ve spent most of the weekend reading. Like hard core, walking with a book in my hand and crashing against doors kind of reading. Reading for pleasure and to refuel the muse. I haven’t done that for FAR too long. It felt SO good.

When I was done with my mental vacation (two books in two days!), I played online a bit and found some really awesome news, which you all might already know, but which I’m just finding out, so here it is.

On September 30th, Maggie Stiefvater announced that Shiver has been optioned for a movie. Can I beg for Lament and Ballad to join those ranks?! PLZ?!

That’s not all. Libba Bray’s A Great and Terrible Beauty, is also coming to theaters.

Let’s get you even more excited, shall we? One of my very favorite characters of all time, Ramona Quimby, has a movie in the works! Ramona and Beezus comes out sometime in August of this year, and it stars Disney teen queen Selena Gomez, and itty bitty Joey King as Ramona.

And of course, no one can forget Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, (pt 1? seriously?), coming in September.


Is anyone else as psyched about this YA book to movie revolution?! It’s everywhere! Percy Jackson, Wimpy Kid, Eclipse, etc. I feel like I’m in movie heaven. Granted, they wont’ all be great. But the fact that they’re getting done and drawing attention to the amazing variety of YA books out there- priceless.

Fun Friday: Accio Books – a cool cause.

Alas, I did not make it to Brandon Mull’s Fablehaven launch party, so I have nothing to report on that account.  I do have something great to share with you, though.  I read about this on Maureen Johnson’s blog, and thought I’d pass it along, just because it’s an awesome cause centered around something I (and everyone in or aspiring to be in the book business would) care a lot about—literacy.

The Harry Potter Alliance is coming to the end of their second annual Accio Books drive—this year books the focus of their drive is the Mississippi Delta, one of the poorest regions in the country, where literacy raters are appallingly low.  Johnson (author of 13 Little Blue Envelopes, the Scarlett books, and lots of other stuff) is the Head of Ravenclaw—yes, this drive is done in true Potter style, complete with house competition.  She’s offering cool prizes for Ravenclaw donation points (you can register points for books you’ve donated here and choose which house to be sorted into!) including going so far as to name a character after you in her new paranormal series, if you donate over 1000 books in Ravenclaw’s name.

You can read a lot more about this awesome cause on Johnson’s blog here, or of course on the HPA’s FAQ page, here.  Books don’t have to be sent to the Mississippi Delta (though they’re worth more points if they are!) but can also be donated to local organizations.  The deadline is March 31st, though, so if you want to participate, get to it!

Lisa’s Tuesday Perspective: Excuse Me While I Geek-Out

So, I can’t deny that I’m a geek.  I’m a fangirl, which, while not being the worst possible variety of geek out there, is definitely not anything to brag about.  That said, when it comes to something like Harry Potter… can you blame me?

Which is the exact reason that I’m so very, very excited about this:

Is that—why yes, it is.  It’s a sample picture from the new Harry Potter LEGO video game that’s due out in May of this year.  I have to admit that I’m not a big gamer—at all—but LEGO video games are one big exception to that.  They’re fun and stress-free games (they’re made for little kids, after all!) and you get to see some of your favorite characters of all time in LEGO—which is half of the fun in the first place!

I’ve loved the Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and especially Batman LEGO video games, but now there’s a video game for the geekiest geektastic side of my fandom-loving personality, Harry Potter itself.  The game is supposed to have more than 100 characters from the Potter world, and will have the PS3 capability of creating and sharing your own levels.  Which, needless to say, is awesome-possum.  So yes, I am fangirl, hear me geek.  To the Hedwig theme, preferably.

Movie Magic Monday: Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

I broke one of my cardinal rules with the new Percy Jackson movie—namely: I didn’t finish the book before watching the film.  As it turned out, though, that was kind of okay, because I’d read enough to know that the movie was not remotely like the book.  Oh the beginning is the same, and (I’m presuming) the ending is probably not all that far off, and there’s an echo or two of major scenes… but  that’s about it.  The film swerves off-path of the book early on—in vital, plot-moving ways.

I have to confess, I was a little disappointed.  After all, the advertising campaign told you as many times as they could that this movie was from the same man who’d given us Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  Personally, I would have thought that someone who’d ever been involved with the Potter franchise would realize how much fans appreciate when a film is as faithful to a book as it can manage—but Chris Columbus did not follow through here. Now, I don’t really blame him with messing with the plot a little bit.  The fact is, Percy and his friends have run into more monsters in the first half of the book that I’ve read than in the whole movie, so understandably budget and time had to be considered in which parts to keep in and which to leave out.  The problem I had was that even the characters were fiddled with a little too much for my opinion.

Let’s ignore the fact that Percy and Annabeth are supposed to be about twelve in the first novel (and that girl in the movie is far from twelve years old), but all three characters were made to be… I guess you could simply say “cooler” than they are in the books.  All their endearing foibles in the books have been overlooked entirely and glamorized in the true Hollywood style.  Annabeth has over-inflated mommy-issues that don’t appear in the book at all, and is too confident overall for kids to have much of a connection with her.  Grover the satyr is the cool, funny guy, instead of what he is in the book—a nervous wreck who has trouble getting things right when put under pressure.  Percy is… well, a lot angrier than he is in the book, and he’s given a lot of shining moments in the movie that didn’t belong to him in the book—while having a lot of his cooler accomplishments in the book taken away from him.

Basically, I don’t know what Columbus was trying to do with this film.  Why take an already best-selling book series and flatten it out into a mass-market-appeal cliché?  I’m sorry that Columbus made such a point of his Harry Potter credits in the advertising for this film, because why ring a bell for something that you did really well, in the name of something that came off (at least to the novel-readers… even the in-progress ones) as being halfway-done.  In my opinion, the most enjoyable thing about this film was the actors chosen to portray the Greek gods – especially Kevin McKidd and Sean Bean.  A little bit of eye-candy and earnest acting in a sadly over-Hollywoodized film.

I have to give it a C+.

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