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The Night the Sky Split by Lisa

It happened the night the sky split.

It was all over the news. The Milky Way would be extra-visible due to atmospheric somethingorother. The scientist were explaining it left and right. The pictures, they said, would be breathtaking. And they were.

But no one saw what I saw.

I was out at the lake with my family that weekend. We were all staying out to watch the sky darken, to watch the stream of light that seemed to tear the sky in two. I’d seen the Milky Way before, but only as a dim trail across the sky. Not this vibrant, violent thing.

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Jethro Drabbles II by Lisa

Here’s another little insight into my WIP, Jethro. The pairing behind this set of ten drabbles (and any others I put out, as a matter of fact) will have to be a secret, as they contain some spoilery bits, but I couldn’t resist writing about this pairing, because it’s just about my favorite one in the series… so enjoy! The first installment of drabbles is here.



The last time she saw him, he’d broken her heart. Not in the normal, guys-are-jerks way. He was a traitor, an enemy—a lie. Worst of all was knowing that she still loved him, despite everything. She didn’t know if she could ever love anyone else.


Not all years were the same length. She didn’t mean in terms of days, like leap years—some years were just longer. Everyone knew the years went faster the older you got. Her first ten years were long ones, spent on lonely, empty hope. Her years right now were moving fast, moments slipping through her fingers before she can catch hold of them, before she can make them solid and real.

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Book Geek Wednesday: Hollow Tree Now Hiring

Dear readers:

We here at Tales From the Hollow Tree love to read. But between the two of us, we cannot possibly keep up with the wealth of new books coming out each and every month in the genre we all love so much. So we’re looking for a few guest bloggers willing to post some honest and objective reviews for some of their favorite YA paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction books.

Now we realize we’ve had a real shortage of vamp books here. Lisa and I tend to be more into fantasy than paranormal, quite frankly, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great books out there that we’re missing. And seeing how they’re everywhere in the market, it’s a very big hole that needs filling. So if you’ve read some books that you’d like to talk about, we’d love to hear what you have to say!

Please keep in mind, we do not tear down writers on this blog. So if a story ends up being a disappointment, by all means tell us why, but be kind. We’re writers and readers and we know what it feels like to get flamed. It’s not fun. So we don’t allow it.

If you’d like to apply to be a guest blogger, please email us at hollowtreetales AT gmail dot com. Tell us a little bit about yourself, link us to your blogs or sites, and we’ll get back to you!

Thanks again for being loyal supporters and we can’t wait to build Hollow Tree into the YA resource we know it can be. 🙂

Lisa’s Tuesday Perspective: Fingerprints: Gifted Touch by Melinda Metz

Why hello, guilty pleasure.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here (a fairly strong and stout limb, actually) and say that I”m betting most of you have never heard of this series.  If I hadn’t bought all seven of them the minute they came out, I probably wouldn’t own them all, because once they were off the shelves they were forgotten about and swept under the rug.  This series, I firmly believe, hit just a bit too early.  YA was on the verge of exploding into the enormous, glorious genre it is now, full of paranormal deliciousness—but this hadn’t happened yet, and and so Fingerprints slipped through the cracks.

How does this start?  Rae is an it girl.  She has a perfect boyfriend and a near-perfect life, wherein she’s buried deep and hard the secret of her dead mother—her mother who had murdered someone and gone crazy, dying in an asylum.  One day at school Rae’s absolute worst nightmare comes to life.  She starts hearing thoughts in her mind that aren’t hers, and—scared to death that she’s becoming like her mother, Rae freaks—in front of the whole school.

After spending a summer in a psych ward, Rae has convinced her doctors that her not-her thoughts have all gone the way of the wind, but unfortunately it’s not true, and stranger than that, she’s starting to feel like the thoughts are real, as crazy as that sounds (and she’s certainly ready to believe she’s crazy).  But if the thoughts are real, she has bigger worries than her sanity, because someone wants to kill her.

Oh I love this series.  Book one is fab.  Rae is such a great character, because she used to be the sweetheart of the school, basically, and now she’s forced to the other end of the spectrum.  Her “friends,” the uppercrust at Sanderson Prep are happy to leave her hanging high and dry after the “incident’ that lands her in the asylum.

In desperation, Rae ends up banding together with a couple friends from the support group she’s forced to attend, trying to clear the name of Anthony, an anger-management kid who was framed in an attempt on Rae’s life—and learning in the process that she’s really not crazy after all, but instead she has a pretty awesome gift—picking up the thoughts people were having while touching things, by touching their fingerprints.  (Which I guess is a spoiler, but it’s one of those spoilers you get off the back of the book, not to mention the title of the series.  So.)

You can read an excerpt of Gifted Touch here.  If you can find this in a library or used book store (or Amazon!) I highly recommend it.  I can’t go for long without re-reading the series myself – which is why I’m reviewing it for you now.  I give the book a hearty A.

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