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The Frozen Castle by Lisa

I sweep the frost from the path, whisking it away, just as my lady always asked of me when winter came. Some small part of me asks why I bother, when it will only build up again, with no feet to wander it but my own, and that of my broom.

It’s a curse that brought this everlasting winter on the castle of my birth. A curse, and love. Though what the difference is these days, I’m only half sure I remember.

With the grounds cleared, I gather my courage, to walk among statues.

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Jethro Drabbles II by Lisa

Here’s another little insight into my WIP, Jethro. The pairing behind this set of ten drabbles (and any others I put out, as a matter of fact) will have to be a secret, as they contain some spoilery bits, but I couldn’t resist writing about this pairing, because it’s just about my favorite one in the series… so enjoy! The first installment of drabbles is here.



The last time she saw him, he’d broken her heart. Not in the normal, guys-are-jerks way. He was a traitor, an enemy—a lie. Worst of all was knowing that she still loved him, despite everything. She didn’t know if she could ever love anyone else.


Not all years were the same length. She didn’t mean in terms of days, like leap years—some years were just longer. Everyone knew the years went faster the older you got. Her first ten years were long ones, spent on lonely, empty hope. Her years right now were moving fast, moments slipping through her fingers before she can catch hold of them, before she can make them solid and real.

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Book Geek Wednesday: In a Fog

Still sick. Really sick. Might get a bout of bronchitis type sick. Yuck.

Still finishing up my WIP (though there’s only one scene left!). Then it’s a quick pass-over/revision before turning it in for edits.

Still working my way through Jane Eyre and Lament.

I really have to finish something so I can start  to feel productive here. Blah.

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