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Temporary Hiatus

Hey there Hollow Tree dwellers! Given the inconsistency of our recent posts, and Lisa and I’s inability to be 100% present during these reckless summer months, we have decided to take a temporary hiatus. We’re thinking late September, when things slow back down.

That doesn’t mean the tree will be abandoned. We’re currently lining up some exciting guest bloggers who will regale you with tales from their own brilliant imaginations and we will let you know who and when as slots fill up. If you’re a writer and you’re interested, please let us know! We’ll schedule you! 🙂

Meanwhile, enjoy the sunshine folks. And we’ll see you when the leaves start browning.

Monday Madness: The Wheres and Whys of Hollow Tree

You’re probably all wondering where in the world Lisa and I have been in the last week. We apologize for not giving you all a heads up before our disappearance. It seems both of us fell into real life with little warning.

I went on vacation with my family to the Poconos for a week, fully expecting wifi availability to post, blog, share pictures, and talk about my reading progress. I was sadly mistaken to find you had to pay per 24 hour for the wifi access, and the closest free wifi was more than 20 minutes away by car. Internet Fail.

And while my trusty phone is usually my backup plan in these sort of scenarios, I was left with zero coverage up in the mountains, except in a few spotty areas that changed by the day. Phone Service Fail.

But the week wasn’t a total bust. I did some reading for work, and managed to start and really enjoy a book called Darkborn by Alison Sinclair. I absolutely expected it to have vampiric undertones which would disappoint me, but instead, the plot proved original and fascinating. And though I’m not done, I’m already engrossed in the budding mystery and the interesting political intrigue of two societies living side by side, one that cannot live in daylight, and one that cannot live by night. Really cool stuff. Will absolutely review when I finish it, though I don’t think its considered YA.

Ms Lisa has been busy with a very exciting personal milestone, planning her wedding! *now is when you all gush and congratulate her awesomeness* She’s so creative that I have a very good feeling this is one of those weddings you’d hear about on TLC or something. Beautiful, classy, and original with lots of handmade touches. So as you can all imagine, that kind of stuff takes time and preparation.

Due to all of this, we took an accidental hiatus. But it was July 4th week and you were all probably too full on hot dogs and hamburgers to really notice, right? Right?! 🙂 Sorry guys. We promise to try and give you fair warning next time we think we might disappear, even if only for a day or two.

In the meantime, can I squee excitedly about the sequel to Darkborn which Goodreads was good enough to tell me existed?! I love finding new books to be excited about.

Now onto our regularly scheduled programming….

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