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Movie Magic Monday: Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

Til this day, Beauty and the Beast remains one of my very favorite Disney movies. The iconic wilting rose is so meaningful. Beauty is fleeting, true love remains forever. And the very arrogant prince needed to learn that.

But life lessons aside, out of all the Disney princesses, I’m convinced Belle is the most relatable. She’s your every day woman. Intelligent, an avid reader, daughter of a working man (inventor), confident enough to turn down the advances of the most desired man in town because really Gaston- it would never have worked out between you two. Not enough depth in that long haired noggin of yours, despite your rippling pecs.

It also has one of the most unlikely heroes in the Beast.  I’ve made known my love for reluctant heroes in past posts, but this guy really just stole my heart. Seeing his transformation still brings a smile to my face. Watching Belle return his humanity by teaching him to love, not just her, but himself as well. It’s all so romantic. And I know I’m not the only one who was oddly disappointed when the Beast transformed into a prince.

Of course the movie is filled with memorable side characters and songs- my favorite still being ‘Be Our Guest’. I almost wish they would do a live action version of this movie. But I suppose that’s what the musical is for. 😉

Overall Rating: A

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