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There Was a Knock on the Door

Image From Dot Myl- Google Plus

Image by Dot Myl – Google Plus

Hello dear friends and imaginative travelers!

We regret to have left you at the Tree alone for such an extended period of time. We thought of you often, and despite our best efforts to return, the Door to the Tree eluded us, busy as we were fighting monsters in our path.

But if you’re here, if you’re listening… we’re knocking.

We’re writing.

Where will 2018 lead us?

Come along. Let’s find out.

Tales From the Hollow Tree Bloghop Finale!

Well, here it is, the last day of the blog hop, and your chance to fill in the secret keywords that you’ve been collecting all week!

And just what is the prize you’ll be trying to win? We have some awesome Tales From the Hollow Tree swag to give away! Two notebooks, hand bound by Lisa herself will go to one awesome follower!

Besides that, we’ll be giving away THREE more copies of our special edition PDF! Leave a comment and fill out the form below! Look through the last few entries of this blog to find the secret keywords!!!

Winners will be announced next week!

Day Four of the Hollow Tree Giveaway!

For your fourth chance to win a .pdf of Tales From the Hollow Tree, and today’s secret keyword, head over to Lisa Asanuma‘s own blog!

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Day Three of the Hollow Tree Giveaway!

For your third chance to win a .pdf of Tales From the Hollow Tree, and today’s secret keyword, head over to our friend James Duckett’s blog!

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Day Two of the Hollow Tree Giveaway!

Hey hoppers! Sorry to get this up so late, I’m in a McDonald’s in Tucson as my hotel’s wifi wasn’t working last night.

For your second chance to win a .pdf of Tales From the Hollow Tree, head over to our friend Taryn Taylor’s blog!

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Happy Release Day! Get Ready for Some Giveaways!

Okay, things have gotten a little hectic here with Isabelle back at her day job and me getting ready for a big move, and we’re a couple of days late, but anyhow, it’s here!

Tales From the Hollow Tree Volume One

You can now buy your very own digital edition of Tales From the Hollow Tree, Volume One: Stories of Enchantment and Desolation, a collection of ten Hollow Tree Tales. Eight have been previously published on this blog, and two are brand new and exclusive to this collection, beautifully formatted just for you, and a steal at only 99¢!

There are THREE WAYS for you to purchase this collection:

1) For your Kindle from Amazon.

2) For your Nook from Barnes & Noble.

3) Here as a PDF from (or in our sidebar).

The last is my personal recommendation, just because the .pdf version is just so beautiful. If you’re a fan of the extra touches available on a .pdf, ours certainly won’t disappoint you. Then again, I guess you could buy all three… I certainly wouldn’t mind! 😉

And now for what you’re really interested in. To celebrate our release, we’re going to have a week long blog hop giving away our ebook, and there may be some other prizes available here and there, too!

FIRSTLY – we’ll be giving out one copy of the .pdf version of Volume One. Leave a comment on this post and tell us which Hollow Tree Tale you’ve enjoyed the most so far. OR, if you’re new to the Hollow Tree, tell us the name of your favorite short story. Don’t forget to leave your email or a way to contact you, also!

SECONDLY – There will be a GRAND PRIZE (which is going to be a secret, but it will involve Hollow Tree Swag!) here on this blog next Friday, but we’re going to put you to work a little bit. In order to win the Grand Prize, you’ll have to collect a keyword from each of the blogs participating in the Blog Hop. If you collect all SEVEN keywords, then you’ll be entered to win the Grand Prize. The keywords will also be clues as to which stories are in the collection.

Sounds fun, huh? We’ll start you off easy, though, and give you the very first keyword here:


Check back here tomorrow to see where to go to find another chance at winning a .pdf, and for your second keyword for the Grand Prize! In the meanwhile, add Tales From the Hollow Tree to your Goodreads list!

Lilly’s Bridge by Lisa

I found her sitting on the edge of the little bridge near our house when I was seven. I wasn’t supposed to go down by the bridge alone—it was small, but the stream it ran over was deep enough, and fast moving—but I went anyhow, usually on my way home from school. The bus dropped me off far up a private road, and I walked up the road all by myself, very adult-like, so why couldn’t I go walk by a bridge if I wanted to?

The girl’s name was Lilly, and she always wore a white dress.  Crisp and clean cotton, with starched lace on the collar.  I thought it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen—but then I was seven.  She was so happy to see me!  She’d ask me about my day at school and listen to absolutely anything I had to say, even something as silly as how Tommy Walker had stuck his gum in Myra Boning’s hair, and she’d come back to school with all of it chopped off.  Mom didn’t like listening to those kinds of things, but Lilly would laugh and laugh, and ask for more stories. She was desperate for stories, she’d tell me.

Lilly was eleven, and she didn’t like to tell stories.  When I asked about her family, she told me crossly that it wasn’t polite to ask personal questions, and when I reminded her that she knew all about my life, it seemed like she was going to maybe tell me, but instead she went down by the shore and started splashing in the water.  She called for me to come down with her.  I really wasn’t supposed to go down to the shore by myself, but Lilly called again, and when I still didn’t go, she asked if I was a baby, so I went. I wasn’t a baby.

Our days and days went back and forth.  Some days we played in the stream, some days we explored the woods surrounding us, and some days we just sat and talked and talked. No matter what she did, her dress always stayed perfectly white. I was jealous because my clothes always managed to get dirty and wet, and I got in trouble for it. Lilly never did.

Mom knew I’d been down to the river, and sometimes she’d ground me for it, asking me why I would do something like that when everyone knew it was so dangerous? Lilly didn’t like it when I was grounded—she’d get mad, but she also wouldn’t stop getting me into trouble.

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