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Sea of Stars by Isabelle

We were the last of the pure race. A straggling group of humans traveling among the stars, looking for a place to call home. We never settled on any of the terraformed planets- like so many of our species- though it wasn’t for lack of space. Every week The Winged Herald reported over the wireless that a new moon or dwarf planet had been transformed into a habitable environment for the heartbreakingly finite number of human refugees.

I used to dream about what life would be like in those colonies. A life that mimicked Earth’s old routines before everything went nuclear: school, farming, government. What would it be like to wake to the warm light of a star shining through my bedroom window, signaling the day? Or to dig my fingers into the wet soil and plant foods that would grow in an array of colors more brilliant than the nebulas?

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Mooniversary by Lisa

A little science fiction, in honor of Mr. Bradbury passing away earlier this month.

I miss color.

That’s the one thought going through my head as I scan item after item for customer after customer. It’s been a busy shift, what with the holiday and all. Everyone in the whole colony seems excited except for me.

I miss color.

It had seemed so cool when the opportunity first came up. I mean c’mon, I was eight. Who didn’t want to live on the moon? It had seemed like the best birthday present ever. We would be the very first, and Dad was going to develop moon-growing vegetables and Mom was going to design a drill to well deep into the surface to harvest moon ice.

Plus there was a rocket ship ride. Complete with a whole hour of anti-gravity free time. That feeling of floating, of not being weighed down by yourself or towards anything else, was the most amazing thing in the world.

I even got to wear a spacesuit. Had to, in order to get from the ship into the airlock. Fifteen minutes to put on a suit I got to wear for about two and a half. That was pretty cool, too.

Our first year was in tents, as the building happened. They’d built the entire Air-and-Grav dome around absolutely nothing to begin with, because it cost less to have people work after the dome was built, than outfit a bunch of people in suits for long periods of time. It seemed like camping. Which is fun for about two weeks. But then you kind of miss running water and warmth. The AG dome is protected from the harsh heat in the sun and cold in the shadow times, but the temperature is always either chilly or hot. And really, there wasn’t much here but rocks and dirt at first, so exploring wasn’t as exciting as it sounded.

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Movie Magic Monday: Star Trek

I was never a traditional Star Trek fan. I did not see any of the television series so I went into the movie only knowing two things, that it was a prequel of sorts, and that Zachary Quinto was in it (which would have been enough for me). Personally, I like that I had no preconcieved expectations for this movie because I was able to go into it objectively.

Basically, the story revolves around the two main characters from the original series, James Kirk and Spock, though all of the other fan favorites do make appearances. It was funny to hear people throughout the movie start to ask – what about Sulu and Scott- and shortly after the character would appear. And they are delightful side characters with tons of personality and humor.

What I found most interesting was the time travel storyline, as I’m a huge fan of time travel and its repercussions in fiction and television and movies. The original Spock (Leonard Nemoy) was chased back in time through a black hole by Nero, a Romulan bent on revenge due to the destruction of his world. Strangely enough, Nero was played by Eric Bana and I did not even recognize him! The makeup was impressive.

Original Spock goes into hiding and Nero comes across young Spock, who has no knowledge of the incident, as it has not yet happened. Nero then decides to make him suffer by destroying Vulcan and forcing him to watch the death of his family. And although he is supposed to be emotionless, logic dictates that he must save who he can to continue his family/species, but even deeper, Spock is overwhelmed *tiny spoiler* by the loss of his mother.

There is a lot of great action, fantastic graphics, and Kirk acting very Kirk like with the women and his rather reckless, impulsive behavior. Be warned, the movie is definitely intended for older teens as its violent (not not really graphic) and has many sexual undertones. But overall I really enjoyed it. I liked how it turned the fate of the characters around for a time and then brought them together for canon. I give it a solid: A.

FTC disclaimer: This movie was not provided to us for review. It was purchased and watched for entertainment purposes and the review is intended only for informative purposes.

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