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Movie Magic Monday: Avatar (the other one)

So a really good friend of mine, who knows about the Sailor Moon obsession of my teen years, has suggested I jump on the Avatar: The Last Airbender wagon. I knew very little about it, except that it’s coming to theatres as a live action film. So I finally looked it up. And man, does it look GOOD (plus it stars, Jackson Rathborne, of Twilight fame, I rather like his hair cut!).

Now, I can’t wait to jump into the story. I love elemental characters, as evidenced by my Zerah series, so I’ve added the original Nickelodeon cartoon to my Netflix queue and I’m starting it tonight! I’ll definitely be back with my review once I’m through with the first season but I like what I’ve seen of the first episode so far! The story is definitely epic, which is fantastic.

I am feeling kind of nostalgic for my Sailor Moon though. Live action movie for that? And no… I’m not referring to the really awful live action show. I mean, a movie to give the amazing storyline justice. 😉

TV Magic Monday: Sailor Moon

Before you laugh, consider this: although the show was occassionally heavy on the slapstick and the corny, it made up for it with its fascinating mythology (taken from the Greek story of Selene and Endymion). By the end of the first season, the story really picked up and went from being just stand-alone ‘save the world’ episodes, to a truly epic, 3 episode finale arc that made me cry. I know, it’s just a cartoon, but man was it well done.

It mixed fantasy/sci-fi with the everyday life of teens. Imagine, being perfectly ordinary, dealing with slipping grades, boys, and friends, only to find out that you’re destined to fight an ancient evil and save the world. And at first, poor Serena had to do this all on her own. I was relieved when she finally had friends to share her secret with- friends who shared her powers. The Sailor Scouts- each representing their seperate planet in the Solar System and each part of the original Moon Court. That’s awesome. When they got into the past lives story, and the Moon Kingdom, they won me over.

I’d love to see a live action movie done of this. It would kick butt. And no, I’m not referring to the live action television show, that’s really hard to take seriously being its trying to be exactly like the show, which doesn’t translate well since it was, well you know, a cartoon-

But if they were to treat it as a movie, and really take it from the beginning when she first discovers her powers and then make her less aggravating with the whole being clumsy bit (I mean, we really don’t need another Bella Swan, right?), then I think it could really work and really hit the YA fantasy audience.Things got delicious and complicated with the incorporation of Reeny, who came from the future, and the Black Moon sisters were some of the most fascinating villains I’d ever met.

Although the show started going kind of downhill in later seasons, I highly recommend it, even with the bad English dubbing. I’m hoping to get the series in the original Japanese so I can really get at the meat of it. I hear it’s even better that way, which is hard to imagine, as I already love it so.

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