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Movie Magic Monday: Breaking Dawn (times 2)

Though this might already be old news to all of you guys, I’m just catching wind of the fact that Breaking Dawn has gotten the green light to be broken down into two films.

Twihards everywhere are shrieking in contentment.

I, on the other hand, am somewhat less than thrilled. The chemistry of Twilight seriously failed me in the first movie, it got better in New Moon, I’m not remotely sure what to expect in Eclipse, and the idea of BD being two movies- well, it kind of horrifies me.

The book was, in and of itself, was a test of my true fangirlness, as I cringed from page to page, forcing myself to read in hopes it would get better, and quickly finding it only got worse. The only redeeming quality about that book and the awful name they gave that poor child was Jacob and his chapter titles and the refreshing change in POV when Bella seems to have lost her mind. But I digress.

Here’s a little video I found of Pattinson chatting up in regards to the famous cesarean scene, and just a few fun thoughts expressed in pretty british. 😀 Enjoy, ladies.

Fun Friday: Eclipse Trailer!!!

I don’t think I have to say more than that.  It’s here.  Enjoy. 😀

Movie Magic Monday: StoryCasting

Today’s Movie Magic Monday is not going to focus on or review a specific movie, rather, we’re going to talk about a fun, addictive little website that helps us make visual sense of our favorite books. What am I referring to? Storycasting.com – tagline: for the story in your mind. 🙂 Brilliant.

How many of us have read a book and pictured a specific actor playing the role? I know I have. Remember the whole controversy when Robert Pattinson was first cast as Edward in Twilight? The book fandom nearly had a conniption. He was not what everyone had imagined. In fact, many readers argued over which actor fit best, as many had their own preconceptions even with the ‘majority’ favorite floating around. So it seems I’m not alone in this little quirk. Storycasting proves it.

I often visualize my heroes first, as they come in clearer than my heroines. *shrugs* Don’t ask why. I have no clue. I’ve ‘worked’ with:

Ian Sommerhalder

Jason Behr

Erik Eidem

Ok. Not literally, obviously. But I have characters who have definitely taken these shapes. Now, you can cast your favorite books, or even your OWN books on storycasting.com. Try it out! It’s way fun! Compare other people’s visions to yours and see why reading a book can be such an individual experience. 🙂

Movie Magic Monday: New Moon!

Probably there are various people who will kick me off the internet for saying this, but I only watched Twilight once.  I’ve still only seen it once.  The first viewing left me no desire to see it again.  I hated the blue color of everything, and Rob and Kristen, while each very good in other roles just were not hitting Edward and Bella for me.  I wanted Edward to be more graceful and charming than Rob’s constant and impressive I-hate-myself demeanor, and I wanted Bella to have a bit more childlike naïveté and clumsiness.  But that’s just me.  So while of course I knew they were going to go and make New Moon… well.  Despite it being my favorite of the three books (I forget about Breaking Dawn) I didn’t know how excited I’d be about the movie.

Even when I started watching the teaser trailer… mostly I rolled my eyes.  “This is the last time you’ll ever see me.”  Yeah, right, Rob.  I believe you there.  But then.  Oh, then.

Yes, watching Taylor Lautner run to protect Bella and fursplode into a wolf had me BEYOND gleeful.  Oh Jacob Black. Somehow even now I underestimate my love for you.  I admit, Taylor still isn’t my dream Jacob Black.  He’s just not who I see when I read.  But the kid is just so darn HOT cute.  And he loves the character so much, that I can’t help but adore him in the film.

My other hesitance to see it was the obvious focus on the action and the Volturi.  I mean… it looked like a vampire movie. hahaha  And I did not read the Twilight Saga for the action.  I read it for the werewolves, obviously. 😛

That said, with the money they raked in over Twilight, of course this was going to be a better-made movie.  You could tell from the trailer alone that this was going to be well… more like a real movie.  And heaven help it, it almost was.

I was impressed right off the bat that they used not only the quote from the beginning of New Moon, but the prologue moment from the book as well.  Immediately I sat up a little bit straighter in my seat, and perked up.  I did mention this was probably my favorite of the books, right?  The pacing was just off from the beginning, though.  It felt stilted and rushed at the same time, if somehow that’s possible.  They were skipping right over all the sweet little moments between Edward and Bella that makes them enjoyable, and while Edward definitely smiled more in this film, the sense of humor that sparkles on the page (yes, even more than his skin, if I do say so myself) just was not  there.  In fact, I kept looking at Rob and thinking, why is he smiling right now?  Wasn’t he just angsting about Jacob?

The minute Edward and the Cullens skip town, the movie picked up, though.  And not just because it takes less than five minutes (or seeme) before they had Taylor’s shirt off for the first time.  There really is something magnetic about Jacob that I think Taylor captured really well—if anything Bella seemed more in love with Jacob on the film than she had in the book.  While Kristen’s stiff performance still isn’t the Bella in my head, I really enjoyed watching her version of Bella hang out with Jacob.  We didn’t get to see as much as their bonding as I would have liked, but movies do have to fit a certain time slot, so I guess I don’t mind too much.  My one complaint (and this is a slight spoiler but just a teensy one) is that they had Bella telling Jacob that she didn’t like music anymore, when in the book, this is something that Jacob knows without needing to be told—a proof of the close attention he pays to Bella and how well he reads and understands her.

I really enjoyed the Quileute presence in this film though.  Firstly—Graham Greene as Harry Clearwater!  I remember Meyer saying on her site once that she’d like him as Billy Black, but that never would have worked for me.  Maybe because I don’t really like Billy all that much?  I just sort of hold a grudge against him for being so cryptic first about the Cullens and then about Jacob’s change.  I don’t know.  I’m just not much of a fan.  But I just about flipped to see him playing Harry Clearwater.  And I loved that they showed it so that Harry’s heart attack was a result of coming face to face with Victoria—if that was in the book I don’t remember it, but that was an awesome visual moment in the movie, and only Graham Greene could have made it what it was.  The man has a grace and presence that outshone almost everyone else in the film, and he was only in it for about five minutes.

I was also delighted that they kept in the moment with Sam’s fiancée Emily.  Beyond delighted.  It was such a lovely moment in the book, and it was nice to see it’s elegance recognized in the film.  Everybody’s been saying it, but it’s really true.  The Wolf boys made this movie.  In fact, even though Italy is where a lot of the hyped-up action happens, my attention wandered a little bit while they were there.  I snapped back into it when they confronted Jacob in the woods that last time.  Even when Bella and Edward were reunited, they didn’t seem to hit the mark of the little funny/sweet moments between them that makes them so enjoyable.  I’ve got to admit, if I’d never read the books, I’d think Bella was a headcase going from the prettyboy wolf to the pale, emo vamp.

I did think that some of the cinematic moments were nicely done, though.  Bella’s imaginings of Edward were almost how I imagined them (though now that I think about it, the movie didn’t so much as try to explain that) and the “time passing” moment was perfect.  Also… dare I say it seemed like they gave a nod to David Yates using footage from the first film so freely in flashbacks?

So was this movie a lot better than Twilight?  An emphatic yes.  Did it live up to my excessive love of the novel?  No.  But it was pretty far from a disappointment either.  I have to admit that after watching it, I later found myself literally hugging my book.  In fact, I sort of want to go hug it now.  And reread it, immediately.  Meyer, whatever disputes I have with you, your books enthrall me, it’s true.

New Moon gets a B- from me.  It was awkward and badly paced… but Jacob Black lit up the screen, and anybody in the scene with him.

Movie Magic Monday: Twilight

When I first heard they were casting this movie I was on the edge of my seat – along with the rest of the Twilight fandom on the internet – eager to see if they would pick people who fit my mental image of the characters. Not just the main characters either, the side characters as well, because I developed an affinity for them that I was unwilling to compromise. Stephenie Meyer had posted on her website people who she’d envisioned while writing, and keeping those in mind, imagine everyone’s shock when we got a host of relatively unknown actors to play our beloved vampires.

I see the logic of it. You don’t want to cast someone whose other roles/history would taint the audience’s view of the character. Bringing in fresh faces helps us to keep an open mind. Here’s where it kind of failed. Robert Pattinson, though beautiful and definitely posessing that otherworldly undead quality, did not have the charm that I expected from Edward Cullen. There were flashes of it, sure. The scene where he first starts to talk to Bella in class and he smiles. *melts* That smile was exactly right. Unfortunately, he hardly used it. Instead, he played the part like a tortured, Emo teen. And yes, we all know that’s who Edward becomes… but really, when we first fall in love with him, is when Bella does- because of his insight, his charm, his sense of humor, and his mystery. He isn’t harsh or rude. When he pushes her away, he does it in a way that read passionateless- like he didn’t believe it himself, rather than looking like he might bite her face off. So although I think RPatz is majorly talented actor, I think he was playing New Moon and Eclipse Edward and he completely missed the mark with Twilight Edward. *prepares to get flamed*

Now the actress cast as Bella, our heroine had some big shoes to fill. Kristen Stewart is amazing. I saw her in Speak and having seen that, had huge hopes for her in Twilight. She had the girl next door look, which was great, since Bella was supposed to feel homey and familiar. Only problem- her awkwardness was Kristen’s, not Bella’s. I kept seeing Kristen in the way she bit her nails or averted her eyes. *sigh* I have higher hopes for her in New Moon, since I think Kristen will really be in her angsty element.

The side characters were a refreshing surprise. I, like most of the Twilight fandom, were thrilled with Ashley as Alice. She just fit the part so perfectly. Emmett was handsome, charming and amusing. Esme looked motherly and beautiful. And Dr. Cullen… *faints* He swept me away. When I first saw the cast photos of him in the scarf and blonde hair it was like he’d stepped right off the page. Charlie, or Chief Swan as many of you know him, seemed to really embody the sadness and loneliness of a man still living in the past and completely inexperienced in raising a child, let alone a teenage daughter.

Overall, the movie had some great points. The screenplay was witty and young. The humans always brought a smile to my face. The cinematography was breathtaking. I loved the lush greens and the blue hues. It really gave you a sense of place. When Bella first discovers Edward’s secret, I loved the montage and her dream. It really seemed like something she’d imagine.

But I missed the gradual growth of their relationship. I missed the conversations that gave us insight into Edward’s mystery. I missed the innocence of their courtship and the subtle build into a sexual crescendo. I feel all of that was lost. And that’s really the magic of Twilight. In the movie, one moment he’s avoiding her and being cool and aloof, the next moment she’s telling him she’d die for him. It just didn’t add up in my mind.

So I hate to say that I’m giving Twilight a C. Because it really felt mediocre to me. It felt like it had all the potential but didn’t quite live up to it. On a more positive note, I have much higher hopes for New Moon. I think a big part of Twilight’s failure was in the directing and in Robert’s portrayal of Edward- but now that he won’t be around much, perhaps we’ll get a better sense of the characters as portrayed in the book. I think Jacob (and Taylor, for that matter) will really bring out the Bella Kristen was meant to be, and I think by the end of it, I’ll actually be rooting for her and Edward in Italy (and suggesting Jacob come to me for some much needed comfort, lol).

*speak amongst yourselves… and please, be gentle with me*

Fun Friday: Premiere Week

So, you may be wondering why as a fantasy teen blog we have not touched on Twilight. There is a very purposeful reason for this, I guarantee you! 😉

We were waiting for the release of New Moon! Can you believe it’s already a week away! I remember when it was filming I thought it would take forever.

We have some really amazing things planned for next week:

  • Movie Magic Monday: Twilight
  • Lisa’s Tuesday Perspective: Twilight, Book 1
  • Book Geek Wednesday: New Moon, Book 2
  • Thursday Myths and Legends: Vampires and Werewolves
  • Fun Friday: Giveaway!

So check back next week for all things Twilight Saga!

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