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Other Dating by Lisa


The chime above the door rang and I shoved the book I was reading into my bookbag.

An inordinately handsome young man had walked in and was now leaning on my counter. He nodded to the backpack as I straightened up. “Whatcha reading?”

“Um… just something a friend leant me.” I didn’t want to admit what it was—one of the million YA paranormal books bracing the shelves these days, one of the very books that was driving up our clientele—it’s hard to find true love when everyone is obsessed with vampires and werewolves.

I cleared my throat. “Welcome to Other Dating. My name is Charity, how can I help you?”

He raised an eyebrow. “Charity? And are you an angel, Charity?”

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. I’d been hit on by an inordinate amount of Others in my time. It had long lost its ability to make me blush.

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Forged Through Fire by Isabelle

Welcome back to Hollow Tree, dwellers! As many of you likely know, the second book to my Guardian Circle Series, The Guardian’s Choice, has released! For those who have read the series thus far, you know that I’ve been telling a small bit of the untold, behind the scenes story right here on Tales From the Hollow Tree, involving two of the lesser known characters.

The Earth and Air Guardians first met in Dream Walker and now we get another piece of the puzzle with Forged Through Fire. Enjoy! 🙂

Broken Diamonds

by hworks at stock.xchng

She watched him work from the shadows, hidden within her Element, exploring him as she could not in flesh. Her stomach fluttered, a cluster of butterflies eager to break free from their cage. He pounded at the red-hot metal of a steel blade with a large mallet, his naked back and shoulders slick with sweat. She traced the ancient script of his Mark with her eyes, from his neck down the length of his spine, stark black against the warm caramel of his flushed, sun-kissed skin.

His muscles tightened with each mallet swing. The four walls of the tiny, sweltering workshop quivered, ready to buckle, to bow to his power.  Continue reading

Heart of a Monster by Isabelle

The tales that say he was a man turned beast are wrong.

There were never any claws or fangs. He’d never howled into the night or wrought fear upon men through feral yellow eyes.

His true nature was much more difficult to discern beneath layers of expensive, well-fitted clothing and years of practiced charm. One could easily fall victim to the seductive grin and fine cheek bones. His milky skin, smooth and velvety soft.

He never wore gloves. When he danced, the young women swooned. It was the thrill of feeling the heat of his hands upon their waists. The small, addictive taste of the forbidden. Continue reading

Book Geek Wednesday: The End of Publishing?

As an author, I make it my job to pay attention to what’s happening in the publishing industry. The last several years has seen a plethora of drama: massive layoffs and imprint closes due to the failing economy, the theory that electronic publishing will forever ruin traditional publishing, Amazon vs. McMillan, ebook price wars, Authors vs Google and the list goes on and on. There’s been alot of anger over the effect the big business wars have had on the poor authors affected- but even more on the readers who seem all but forgotten.

But fear not. It hasn’t been all bad news. There were a few glimmers of light amidst this publishing darkness. For one, Harry Potter and Twilight created an opening for teens and adults to enjoy the same books, the YA genre grew up, giving readers material that was both moody and mature and fitting for those who enjoyed a litle less bubblegum in their books, and the one thing I’m excited about was St Martin’s Press recognizing the gap in the market of readers known as Generation Y, or New Adult, “emerging adults who are navigating career, love and family in a 24/7 connected world.”

As an avid YA fan and crossover reader, I’m thrilled to see the burgeoning future of the genre and the promise of many more great stories told, no matter the format. Which is why I thoroughly enjoyed this viral video. Watch it straight through.  The message is brilliant.

Listen up publishers- because we’re listening, we’re watching, we’re buying and yes- we care.

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