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Movie Magic Monday: Eclipse Media Blitz Has Begun

For the last week, I have seen Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner all over the television and internet. The Twilight machine has begun its advertisement frenzy for the third installment of the movie franchise, Eclipse. I was not nearly as excited about this movie as it was filming, for several reasons: media over exposure, the replacement of Rachelle LaFevre, the darker directorial direction… etc. So unlike the first movie, where I stalked every site and every news source and photograph, and for the second movie, where I anxiously awaited seeing Jacob Black come to life, Eclipse was more of a passing thought. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to see it.

But now, I keep hearing all these early rave reviews. People saying that this is the best one yet. That everything is finally coming together, chemistry, storyline, etc. So… I kinda wanna see it now. If only to see poor Jacob tortured by his unrequited love for Bella.

What scenes do you hope make it into Eclipse? Are you excited to see the vampire army? Does anyone else think that scene with them coming out of the water looks somewhat zombie-ish?

I may be uncertain about a lot, but this particular clip, sells me.

Fun Friday: Eclipse Trailer!!!

I don’t think I have to say more than that.  It’s here.  Enjoy. 😀

Movie Magic Monday: New Moon!

Probably there are various people who will kick me off the internet for saying this, but I only watched Twilight once.  I’ve still only seen it once.  The first viewing left me no desire to see it again.  I hated the blue color of everything, and Rob and Kristen, while each very good in other roles just were not hitting Edward and Bella for me.  I wanted Edward to be more graceful and charming than Rob’s constant and impressive I-hate-myself demeanor, and I wanted Bella to have a bit more childlike naïveté and clumsiness.  But that’s just me.  So while of course I knew they were going to go and make New Moon… well.  Despite it being my favorite of the three books (I forget about Breaking Dawn) I didn’t know how excited I’d be about the movie.

Even when I started watching the teaser trailer… mostly I rolled my eyes.  “This is the last time you’ll ever see me.”  Yeah, right, Rob.  I believe you there.  But then.  Oh, then.

Yes, watching Taylor Lautner run to protect Bella and fursplode into a wolf had me BEYOND gleeful.  Oh Jacob Black. Somehow even now I underestimate my love for you.  I admit, Taylor still isn’t my dream Jacob Black.  He’s just not who I see when I read.  But the kid is just so darn HOT cute.  And he loves the character so much, that I can’t help but adore him in the film.

My other hesitance to see it was the obvious focus on the action and the Volturi.  I mean… it looked like a vampire movie. hahaha  And I did not read the Twilight Saga for the action.  I read it for the werewolves, obviously. 😛

That said, with the money they raked in over Twilight, of course this was going to be a better-made movie.  You could tell from the trailer alone that this was going to be well… more like a real movie.  And heaven help it, it almost was.

I was impressed right off the bat that they used not only the quote from the beginning of New Moon, but the prologue moment from the book as well.  Immediately I sat up a little bit straighter in my seat, and perked up.  I did mention this was probably my favorite of the books, right?  The pacing was just off from the beginning, though.  It felt stilted and rushed at the same time, if somehow that’s possible.  They were skipping right over all the sweet little moments between Edward and Bella that makes them enjoyable, and while Edward definitely smiled more in this film, the sense of humor that sparkles on the page (yes, even more than his skin, if I do say so myself) just was not  there.  In fact, I kept looking at Rob and thinking, why is he smiling right now?  Wasn’t he just angsting about Jacob?

The minute Edward and the Cullens skip town, the movie picked up, though.  And not just because it takes less than five minutes (or seeme) before they had Taylor’s shirt off for the first time.  There really is something magnetic about Jacob that I think Taylor captured really well—if anything Bella seemed more in love with Jacob on the film than she had in the book.  While Kristen’s stiff performance still isn’t the Bella in my head, I really enjoyed watching her version of Bella hang out with Jacob.  We didn’t get to see as much as their bonding as I would have liked, but movies do have to fit a certain time slot, so I guess I don’t mind too much.  My one complaint (and this is a slight spoiler but just a teensy one) is that they had Bella telling Jacob that she didn’t like music anymore, when in the book, this is something that Jacob knows without needing to be told—a proof of the close attention he pays to Bella and how well he reads and understands her.

I really enjoyed the Quileute presence in this film though.  Firstly—Graham Greene as Harry Clearwater!  I remember Meyer saying on her site once that she’d like him as Billy Black, but that never would have worked for me.  Maybe because I don’t really like Billy all that much?  I just sort of hold a grudge against him for being so cryptic first about the Cullens and then about Jacob’s change.  I don’t know.  I’m just not much of a fan.  But I just about flipped to see him playing Harry Clearwater.  And I loved that they showed it so that Harry’s heart attack was a result of coming face to face with Victoria—if that was in the book I don’t remember it, but that was an awesome visual moment in the movie, and only Graham Greene could have made it what it was.  The man has a grace and presence that outshone almost everyone else in the film, and he was only in it for about five minutes.

I was also delighted that they kept in the moment with Sam’s fiancée Emily.  Beyond delighted.  It was such a lovely moment in the book, and it was nice to see it’s elegance recognized in the film.  Everybody’s been saying it, but it’s really true.  The Wolf boys made this movie.  In fact, even though Italy is where a lot of the hyped-up action happens, my attention wandered a little bit while they were there.  I snapped back into it when they confronted Jacob in the woods that last time.  Even when Bella and Edward were reunited, they didn’t seem to hit the mark of the little funny/sweet moments between them that makes them so enjoyable.  I’ve got to admit, if I’d never read the books, I’d think Bella was a headcase going from the prettyboy wolf to the pale, emo vamp.

I did think that some of the cinematic moments were nicely done, though.  Bella’s imaginings of Edward were almost how I imagined them (though now that I think about it, the movie didn’t so much as try to explain that) and the “time passing” moment was perfect.  Also… dare I say it seemed like they gave a nod to David Yates using footage from the first film so freely in flashbacks?

So was this movie a lot better than Twilight?  An emphatic yes.  Did it live up to my excessive love of the novel?  No.  But it was pretty far from a disappointment either.  I have to admit that after watching it, I later found myself literally hugging my book.  In fact, I sort of want to go hug it now.  And reread it, immediately.  Meyer, whatever disputes I have with you, your books enthrall me, it’s true.

New Moon gets a B- from me.  It was awkward and badly paced… but Jacob Black lit up the screen, and anybody in the scene with him.

Book Geek Wednesday: New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

I picked up New Moon with the usual trepidation reserved for sequels. In my mind, there was no way it could match how Twilight made me feel. Imagine my surprise when it not only matched, but surpassed it. If Twilight is all about the magic and mystery of falling in love for the first time, New Moon is about the soul crushing effects of losing it.

All of us can look back on life and clearly remember the first boy or girl we loved and lost. Something about that moment is forever embedded in our psyche, has forever influenced how we view members of the opposite sex and relationships. But as Kristen Stewart has very aptly stated, there is no reference to breaking up with a vampire, especially one that you think is your soulmate, and so Bella’s grief is shattering. I hadn’t realized how intensely emotional I was on her behalf until I got to chapter 4 and came across what is perhaps my favorite quote of the entire series:

Time passes. Even when it seems impossible. Even when each tick of the second hand aches like the pulse of blood behind a bruise. It passes unevenly, in strange lurches and dragging lulls, but pass it does. Even for me.

Now I’ve heard many people say New Moon is their least favorite book of the series. They feel Bella is whiny and over-dramatic. But all I have to say in regard to that is this: those words are the most honest, the most brutal and the most raw I have ever read in connection with teenage heartbreak. It is so unlike any other emotion. Being young and in love, it always feels like it will last forever so when it actually ends, it feel as though life might as well end with it. And with those words, I fell irrevocably in love with New Moon.

The great thing about this book is the many surprises. (Keep in mind, I read New Moon before the Twilight series became… TWILIGHT, as we know it now- so I was not spoiled.)For starters, I did not expect to find so little of Edward Cullen. And I did not expect NOT to miss him. I was what I consider a die hard Edward and Bella fan in book one. I fell in love just as she did. I was taken by the Roswell-esque similarities and Edward and Bella had become my new Max and Liz, two people I could get completely fangirly over. I’d enjoyed Jacob, but I would never have believed I could grow to love him the way I did.

Herein lies the power in Stephenie Meyer’s writing. She took what I consider a small supporting character and turned him into a leading man. By the time Jake and Bella went to the movies with Mike, I was convinced that he was the only person on earth capable of making her whole again. Each moment he was on the page it was like he filled the entire scene with warmth and love and happiness. I don’t remember the last time I cried and smiled so often in one reading.

But the book was epic on more than just the emotional level. It held some of the  most iconic scenes of the series. The cliff jump remains to this day one of the most visually moving scenes I’ve read- in any bit of fiction. And the entire bit in Italy… it brought the story to a whole other level. It went from simple girl meets vampire to this centuries old mythology with rules and royalty and serious consequences. It raised the stakes and made the Cullens’ existence that much more fascinating. Not to mention, Alice’s larger role in this book was so much fun to read! She is definitely my favorite Cullen.

So when it comes to New Moon, I have to give it an A+. It remains my favorite book of the series.


Lisa’s Tuesday Perspective: Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

It was almost exactly two years ago that I first read Twilight.  I know this because it was in the middle of NaNoWriMo—and it was distracting me to pieces.

Yes, of course I’d heard of it earlier than that.  I had a friend on LiveJournal who was beyond obsessed, and occasionally posted some fab fan art of the lovely Emily Browning as Bella, and if it weren’t for that, I may honestly never have read the book.  (Proof that I am a sucker for a pretty face, if nothing else!)  And then admittedly, the cover is gorgeous.  Actually, several of the international Twilight covers are gorgeous, as you’ll see a few sampled in this post.

I was trepidatious at best.  There was so much hype about these books (or so I thought, I should have waited a few months. Sigh) that I was almost positive that they couldn’t live up to it.  But admittedly, by the time I got to Port Angeles (that’s chapter 8, if your memory is fuzzy) I was so hooked I was breathing it in.  This was about the point where I fell for Edward.  I think it’s his extremely violent attitude towards the men who follow Bella down the street leering at her—which really is the worst possible reason to fall for a character, but sometimes it happens, yes/yes?

Before this, I have to admit I’d been squinting at the book a little bit, and trying to make it look less like Roswell in my head (I’m not the only person who’s made this comparison).  But Edward was such a… passionate gentleman, I guess you could say, which is really why anyone has ever fallen for him.  He’s exactly the conundrum women look for and can’t find, an extremely passionate person who’s also extremely polite.  As Anne Shirley puts it, someone who could be wicked… but wasn’t.  I was just as eager to learn about Edward as Bella was.  I even—embarrassingly, now—rolled my eyes whenever that kid Jacob came around, because oh my gosh, I want Edward, thanks.  (This was not to last.  Well, for the most part the Edward-love stuck around, but it was often far outstripped by my love for Jacob Black… but that’s another book. Or three.)

I thought nearly every sentence in the book was witty or clever or quotable.  I loved Bella’s quirky, misanthropic voice.  And I loved how clearly you see every single detail in the books.

I admit, this obsessive love lasted straight through the second and third book, but as many have discovered (or I guess don’t need to discover now that it’s so huge), it was very difficult for me to put my infatuation into words.  Hard to admit, blatantly, that I had even read anything as ridiculous as a book about a vampire that sparkles in the sun.  I didn’t want to talk about it out loud.  (Though I did, without hesitation, force Isabelle to read them with me—she actually finished the series—through Eclipse—long before I did).  I realized later that there is very little defendable about the books (there really is something ghastly about a girl who basically wants to die for her first boyfriend) but it’s something I push away when I’m actually reading the book – because then I just exist in that tiny little world of Forks, and I admit… I sort of like it there.

I’d go into how NOT Emily Browning Kristen Stewart is in the movie, or how when I get through the end of the books, my brain literally hurts when I think about Bella and her decisions, not to mention the fact that Stephanie Meyer sort of sets up “Love” and “Freedom of Choice” as direct opposites in the series… I’d even go into my frustrations as a Harry Potter fan when the two series are compared… but this is about Twilight, the novel.    A novel I’m sort of tempted to go and restart, right now.  Because whatever else I have to say about Stephenie Meyers’ books the fact is, they bring me back.  Time and time again.

So Twilight, the first novel in the series, that simple girl meets vampire book, gets an A from me.

Movie Magic Monday: Coming Soon

Today, I’m not really reviewing a fantasy movie I loved… I’m talking excitedly about one I’m dying to see.

While everyone was talking about the Kanye West/Taylor Swift drama that was the VMA’s, I was (and ok, let’s face it, still am) watching the Extended New Moon Trailer.

Again. And Again. And Again.

And not surprisingly, I get more excited each time. Like an embarrassingly high pitched squeal leaves my lips each and every time. There are a number of reasons for this ridiculous excitement.

1. Dakota Fanning as Jane. It just works.

2. Alice’s new hairstyle and the overall look of the contacts (red and gold) = perfection.

3. Bella’s angst. I know I may be one of the very few, but I adored New Moon. I think it’s my favorite book of the series. Something about it really struck me and seeing it, actually seeing those heartbreaking moments take life on screen are going to bring it all back. I’m going to bawl and I’m going to love every second of it.

4. The Cliff Dive. One of the iconic images of the series. If you’ve read the Twilight Sage, you know that scene by heart. The incorporation of Edward underwater and then him disappearing… Chris Weitz you are my new hero.

5. Jacob Black in all of his hero glory. Because really, I’m convinced SMeyer kind of fell in love with him and was not expecting to. His long hair, those muscles, that quiet insistence. “Stay here. Stay with me.” *Dies* I will see this movie more than once.

And here it is, for your viewing pleasure:

You should also know that the week of New Moon’s release, we will be celebrating here on Hollow Tales. In fact, it will be TwilightMania. The first movie will be reviewed on Monday. The four books will be reviewed between Tuesday and Wednesday, likely in chat discussion form (as we did with Frank Beddor’s Looking Glass Wars), because Lisa and I have similar and still, surprisingly different things we loved about the books. We’ll do a vampires and werewolves mythology post Thursday and then Friday will be YOUR day to tell us what you thought of New Moon (since we all know you’ll have seen it by then.) 😉

There will also be a fun giveaway that week! I have some New Moon stick-on tattoos that came with my purchase of New Moon forever ago (back when Eclipse was released, I think) so look out for those!

November cannot come soon enough!

Fun Friday: White Knight Appeal

waterhouseWhile Isabelle and I have similar views on a lot of things, one thing we’ve never seen quite eye-to-eye on is what makes an ideal sort of hero.  One day while we were comparing the types of characters we tend to write, I had an epiphany:  Isabelle has a thing for Reluctant Heroes.  And me?  I love a good old-fashioned White Knight.

Now that might seem a little un-feminist of me, as a white knight is generally the type to swoop in and save the day, protecting the damsel in distress at all costs, leaving her no particular responsibility in the matter, right?

But that’s not exactly what I’m talking about.  Because the White Knights I have a tendency to fall for always have some major obstacle they have to overcome—sometimes an insurmountable one, and the bigger the obstacle is, the more I love them for it.  I’m not talking about Edward Cullens here, ladies and gentlemen—I’m talking about Jacob Blacks.  Those characters that would lay down their lives at the feet of the girl they love, but something’s always stopping them.  Whether it be the girl simply not loving them back, some misunderstanding that keeps getting in the way, or—my admitted favorite—the character’s own short-sided views of himself.  Maybe a combination of all three!  Sometimes a character doesn’t even recognize their own feelings until it’s (almost!) too late…

My white knights tend to be impetuous, rash, ready to throw themselves headlong into a fight—or anything else.  They tend to be jealous creatures, with feelings that are liable to be hurt until they know exactly where they stand in the eyes of the people they care for.  So maybe there’s a bit of immaturity there at times, too… an impatience with mistakes or misunderstandings, but they’re loyal to the end, and always ready to apologize and forgive when the stakes are up and it’s the important things that really matter.


And let’s be honest here… the idea of someone throwing themself in front of a dragon for me?  Kinda hot.  You know it’s true.

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