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Movie Magic Monday: Shame, Shame

I’ll be honest, I don’t have any goodies to blog about today, though I really really want to see How to Train Your Dragon. I’ve spent the weekend in a flurry of book signings, doctor’s appointments, taking care of the toddler, and catching a nasty cold myself.

So I’ll open the floor to you, dear readers, and give you the chance to play director.

What book would you most like to see turned into a feature film?

Who would you cast as its main characters?

For me: Graceling by Kristin Cashore. It’s epic enough to remain interesting throughout, and it has an amazing landscape that would be visually breathtaking on screen. Also, there’s romance, action and adventure. I really hope it gets auctioned.

Book Geek Wednesday: Graceling by Kristin Cashore

Reading this book was a test of patience and endurance I did not expect. I barreled through the first fifty pages and put it down. I came back and tried again. Another twenty pages. Still, no spark, no magic, no connection. I started getting impatient. It was well written. The characters were at times humorous and poignant. There was good and there was evil. And yet… I was not invested.

Thirty more pages. Now I was losing hope and interest. Really, there had to be something to this book. Why has it gotten such buzz, such acclaim? What am I not seeing? And then, around page 147, it struck so fast, I was blindsided. It was like lightning. All of a sudden, I couldn’t put it down. I thought about it even when I wasn’t reading it. Suddenly, I had to know what was going to happen.

And boy am I glad that I stuck it through until the end. The payoff far exceeded my expectations! What a book! What a fascinating and overwhelmingly lush world, Cashore has created. She took us from the comforts of royal life in the Middluns to the harsh cold mountains of Monsea to the breathtaking beaches and clifftop palaces of Lienid. And I couldn’t get enough.

The protagonist Katsa, while at first somewhat whiny and unsympathetic quickly grew on me, thanks to the addition of Po. He softened her, made her feel much more human, and in turn made her much more likeable. The slow reveal of the true villain, his power, and his history were both disturbing and brilliantly done.

I’ve decided to read Fire, if only to get more history on the man and how he came to be who he was in Graceling. And I have a newfound respect for worldbuilding thanks to Miss Cashore. This book is just as fantastic as everyone said, if not better. She has just earned herself a new fan.

If I have any complaint its in how long it took me to really become invested in the story. If I had given up when I wanted to, back around page 100, I may have missed out on all the magic the rest of the book contained. I know some of it was worldbuilding and history and character development… but I can’t help but wonder if there was a more concise way of doing things. Because of that, I have to give the book a B+ rather than an A. I mean, over 100 pages and still nothing…. that may just be too much.

Book Geek Wednesday: Third Time’s the Charm?

So this blog post is more of a follow up than a book review, but I thought it was important to give you all the skinny on what’s been happening in my book life.

I’ve been very frank on this blog about the epicfail that has been my attempt to read Graceling. I won’t lie. I was disappointed because I had really high hopes for that book, what with all the buzz that’s been going on about it. I picked it up and put it down more times than I care to admit. In fact, according to GoodReads, I started the book June 11 2009. *_* Wow.

Now, I know my post a few weeks ago said that it would probably end up in the DNF pile (did not finish) but I’m glad to report that as of a week ago, I picked it up for what would have been the last time, and around page 147 I found a spark of something magical. The story suddenly took flight. It was interesting, dynamic, adventurous and captivating. I read and flipped through pages with lightening speed wanting to know more about where the characters were headed and the mystery behind King Leck.

I’m now about halfway through and believe I will have a review ready for you all next week.

So I guess the moral of the story is, sometimes, you just can’t give up.Some stories start like a gunshot, fast and intense. But some are more like a boiling pot and you gotta just watch and wait until the water bubbles. 😉

Book Geek Wednesday: The Dreaded DNF

So, I’ve had high hopes to post a review of Kristin Cashore’s Graceling by now, for the past few months even, and every time I go to try and finish it, I get stuck. I’m not sure what it is about the book that isn’t really clicking for me. The characters are interesting enough. The storyline is original. The world is well thought out and feels three dimensional. So what is it that keeps me so distracted? Is it that New Year’s Ennui Lisa was talking about? Maybe. But I keep getting the feeling that it’s much more in the pacing. I’m bored. Everything is in place for a great story and yet it feels like the ingredients are mixing in my mind.

So I’m going to just leave it alone for a bit and come back to it for one more attempt. Because I just hate giving up on books. I really do. The guilt is crushing. And although this is only like the second or third time this has happened to me, I’ve decided I’ll have to add DNF to my rating system.

Did Not Finish. For those books that for whatever reason just did not make it to the finish line.

Book Geek Wednesday: What Are You Reading?

Though I’m still working my way through Kristin Cashore’s Graceling, (I am greatly distracted and seem to be inching my way through it for some reason- this is in no way a reflection on the book itself, I’m not far enough to decide how I feel about it yet), I already have a book on the shelf waiting to be read.

You’ll notice I suffer from obsessive cover-based shopping. Quite often I will buy a book because I fall in love with its cover. This is a terrible habit to get into. Not all the pretty covers have the depth and magic I’m looking for in a book. Hopefully this one will.From the blurb, I have high hopes.

It’s called Avielle of Rhia.

With her silver skin and silver hair, fifteen-year-old Princess Avielle of Rhia resembles her Dredonian great-great grandmother who practiced evil magic. Everyone in Rhia expects Avielle to turn evil, too. Shunned by those around her, she feels unloved and unable to love others.

In addition, she fears that Rhia will go to war with Dredonia, which suffers under the rule of evil wizard-priests: the Brethren of the Black Cloaks. They have placed impossible demands upon Rhia, but the king and queen have refused to acquiesce. One terrible night, the Brethren attack, killing the royal family and hundreds of others. Only Avielle escapes. She must keep her identity secret to avoid death from the enemy. While hiding among the common people, she learns that she has a magical gift for weaving. But will this gift, rooted in her Dredonian blood, lead Avielle to the same evil that possessed her great-great grandmother? Or will it help her free her people from further attacks?

So tell me: What are you reading?

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