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Lisa’s Tuesday Perspective: Fingerprints: Haunted by Melinda Metz

The second Fingerprints book crosses into the creepy category.  We already know someone is out to kill Rae, but in this edition her friend Jesse goes missing, and the more information Rae gathers with her gift, the scarier the situation gets—because whoever has Jesse, it’s all Rae’s fault.

Meanwhile we keep getting little anonymous insights from the bad guy… and they are all kinds of disturbing.  We don’t really know who it is… all we know is that they really and truly hate Rae and the “perfect” life that she has.

What I love about this series is that, while Rae is dealing with some life-threatening issues, it’s also very high school.  On the one hand she’s dealing with trying to track down Jesse’s abusive father and trying to track down the story of how he really disappeared, and on the other she’s trying to figure out how to take it when she finds out her ex-boyfriend—who dumped her without telling her—said her name while kissing his new girlfriend, and is suddenly seems to be trying to mend bridges with her…

Meanwhile, there is a lot of fantastic misdirection and red herrings going on here.  Who are all these creepy insights coming from?  Who is it taking pictures of her outside her room and all over town?  Is it her group therapy leader?  Her overly-concerned (to the point of icky) new English teacher?  Someone closer than that?  Or someone she doesn’t even know?  Is it even only one person?

Rae’s having trouble making sense of any of it,  and meanwhile she’s trying to help Anthony in a way that he may or may not be open to accepting… all while trying to keep her friend Yana from finding out her secret, so that she can have one “normal” friend.”

These books have a lot of layers to them for their deceptive shortness.  Haunted gets an affectionate A- from me.  (Very affectionate, mind… it’s not my favorite in the series, and you may rate it a bit lower.)

Lisa’s Tuesday Perspective: Fingerprints: Gifted Touch by Melinda Metz

Why hello, guilty pleasure.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here (a fairly strong and stout limb, actually) and say that I”m betting most of you have never heard of this series.  If I hadn’t bought all seven of them the minute they came out, I probably wouldn’t own them all, because once they were off the shelves they were forgotten about and swept under the rug.  This series, I firmly believe, hit just a bit too early.  YA was on the verge of exploding into the enormous, glorious genre it is now, full of paranormal deliciousness—but this hadn’t happened yet, and and so Fingerprints slipped through the cracks.

How does this start?  Rae is an it girl.  She has a perfect boyfriend and a near-perfect life, wherein she’s buried deep and hard the secret of her dead mother—her mother who had murdered someone and gone crazy, dying in an asylum.  One day at school Rae’s absolute worst nightmare comes to life.  She starts hearing thoughts in her mind that aren’t hers, and—scared to death that she’s becoming like her mother, Rae freaks—in front of the whole school.

After spending a summer in a psych ward, Rae has convinced her doctors that her not-her thoughts have all gone the way of the wind, but unfortunately it’s not true, and stranger than that, she’s starting to feel like the thoughts are real, as crazy as that sounds (and she’s certainly ready to believe she’s crazy).  But if the thoughts are real, she has bigger worries than her sanity, because someone wants to kill her.

Oh I love this series.  Book one is fab.  Rae is such a great character, because she used to be the sweetheart of the school, basically, and now she’s forced to the other end of the spectrum.  Her “friends,” the uppercrust at Sanderson Prep are happy to leave her hanging high and dry after the “incident’ that lands her in the asylum.

In desperation, Rae ends up banding together with a couple friends from the support group she’s forced to attend, trying to clear the name of Anthony, an anger-management kid who was framed in an attempt on Rae’s life—and learning in the process that she’s really not crazy after all, but instead she has a pretty awesome gift—picking up the thoughts people were having while touching things, by touching their fingerprints.  (Which I guess is a spoiler, but it’s one of those spoilers you get off the back of the book, not to mention the title of the series.  So.)

You can read an excerpt of Gifted Touch here.  If you can find this in a library or used book store (or Amazon!) I highly recommend it.  I can’t go for long without re-reading the series myself – which is why I’m reviewing it for you now.  I give the book a hearty A.

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