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Fun Friday: TV Spotlight – Life Unexpected

I’ve just started watching CW’s Life Unexpected.  To be honest, I’ve been looking forward to it since the moment I heard about the show.  Why, you may ask?  Because I’ll look forward to anything that involves new Shiri Appleby every week.  (Yes, I even watched the ill-fated Six Degrees, just for her.)

What I didn’t expect, was for her to be coming back to the network (sorta kinda, maybe not) that made me fall in love with her in the first place… or for her to be part of a teen show once again—as the mom.

Yes, I’m hinting and referring to the WB’s (and eventually UPN’s—the two conglomerates that melded to form the CW) literally star-crossed drama, Roswell, where Appleby played Liz Parker, the smallest of small town girls, who happened to be in love with a serious, dark-eyed boy… who happened to be an alien.  Her old show is a little more of our normal subject matter, but Life Unexpected is also aimed towards teens (ish) and it’s honestly delightful.

The show is about Cate and Baze, two adults going about their normal everyday lives, when their given-up-for-adoption sixteen-year-old daughter Lux walks back into their lives—and they end up being granted joint custody of her.  In the pattern of Gilmore Girls (another show I love, miss, and mourn!), it shows parents and teens on more of an equal-footing than a simple child/guardian image, and the relationship is more complex and real feeling than when the parents are the ones who have all the answers.  I’ve only seen the first three episodes as yet, so I’m a little behind, but so far I’m honestly loving the show.  The struggle for Cate and Baze to finally grow up, and even more so, for Lux, who’s been in foster care her whole life with less-than-stellar experiences, to finally learn to depend on someone, has been really moving and fantastic to watch so far.  I really hope this show sticks around for a while… and not just so I can get a Liz Parker fix.

Fun Friday: The Vampire Diaries


So.  Are you watching?

I have to admit, I didn’t think I’d like this show.  Despite being the type of girl who’s read through the Twilight Saga twice (well, except for Breaking Dawn) I’m really not a vampire kinda gal.  I’m just not.  But I am, and always have been an Ian Somerhalder kinda gal, and so I decided that despite my currently-limited internet access and the complete and utter lack of The CW in my new area, I’d take a chance on this show.  I still haven’t seen last night’s ep (so don’t spoil me! :-P) but I’ve got to admit, what I’ve seen, I’ve liked.

The basic set-up is this:  Two vampire brothers, one good, one not so good (okay, he’s flat-out bad!) have returned to their hometown after a long time, and wind up in a battle of wills, of sorts, over the soul of a recently-orphaned high school girl named Elena, who happens to look remarkably like a long-lost love of Stefan’s—the good brother.  There’s a lot of mystery being trudged up over how Stefan’s relationship with Katherine, Elena’s look-alike ended, but however it did, we know that Stefan and Elena certainly have a connection in the here and now.  The problem is that Stefan’s brother Damon is basically set out to make Stefan’s life a living hell—that or get him to feed on humans again, and “remember who he is.”

So, I admit I haven’t read the book series this is based off of, but I’m really enjoying the show so far.  The characters have a lot more depth to them than I expect from your average CW show, and while my dear Ian looks a bit old to be in a high school show—I’m old enough to remember him in Young Americans, dears—he still looks pretty smokin’ hot, if I do say so myself.  Stefan’s not half-bad himself, of course, and I’ve kinda got a crush on Elena’s little brother, too… minus his “extra-curricular activities,” I suppose.  Elena’s ex Matt is pretty cute, too.  Basically the town is rolling in the hotties.  Elena strikes me as being intelligent, too, which is always refreshing to see on screen (or off).

I’m having a blast watching it.  What about you?  How does it hold up to the books, for those of you who’ve read them?  And if you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for?  Check it out online!

Oh, and one more thing.  Slight spoiler here, if you haven’t seen episode two…

Did they really kiss at the end of the second episode?  Where’s the build-up, where’s the suspense?  Am I the only one who was expecting to have to wait a bit longer than that?

~Lisa, who had to wait until episode nine for Max and Liz to kiss on Roswell, thank you very much.

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