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It’s Coming…


After years of silence and hiatus, Lisa and I are thrilled to be returning to Fiction Fridays!

*Woot woot!*

I know I can safely speak for her when I say that writing our pieces of flash fiction has always been such a fun side project for the two of us, a great way to stretch those writing muscles and to jump into stories or ideas that perhaps we were afraid to expand upon until we actually wrote them down – and loved them!

We are starting slow, just to make sure we can really give it the care it needs as we get back into the swing of things. You well get one story from each of us (2 stories total) a month for the time being. My first will post on January 12th. Lisa’s will post January 26.

Join us! Maybe you have a hankering to try your hand at something short and creative. Share it with us!

We can’t wait to see what awesome, creative things we can explore together! 🙂

Book Geek Wednesday: Oh, The Pretties

So I’ve become a pretty regular lurker over at Angieville, and the woman does NOT disappoint. She has her pulse on all things YA and fantasy and I am always drooling over the beautiful covers and blurbs she finds from authors I’ve never even heard of! And really, it’s not like we need any more books to add to our overflowing, toppling towers of readable books… but well… how can you NOT want to read these with their covers playing such an alluring game.

Check out Angieville for more great links, reviews, covers, et al.

(Click on the covers for more info!)

Dragons / Shifters:

(Speculative Fiction?) Matchmaking Societies:

Retold Fairy Tales:

Keep in mind, most of these don’t come out until late summer/fall, but they are worth keeping an eye out. So many goodies. So little time.

Movie Magic Monday: Coming Soon

Today, I’m not really reviewing a fantasy movie I loved… I’m talking excitedly about one I’m dying to see.

While everyone was talking about the Kanye West/Taylor Swift drama that was the VMA’s, I was (and ok, let’s face it, still am) watching the Extended New Moon Trailer.

Again. And Again. And Again.

And not surprisingly, I get more excited each time. Like an embarrassingly high pitched squeal leaves my lips each and every time. There are a number of reasons for this ridiculous excitement.

1. Dakota Fanning as Jane. It just works.

2. Alice’s new hairstyle and the overall look of the contacts (red and gold) = perfection.

3. Bella’s angst. I know I may be one of the very few, but I adored New Moon. I think it’s my favorite book of the series. Something about it really struck me and seeing it, actually seeing those heartbreaking moments take life on screen are going to bring it all back. I’m going to bawl and I’m going to love every second of it.

4. The Cliff Dive. One of the iconic images of the series. If you’ve read the Twilight Sage, you know that scene by heart. The incorporation of Edward underwater and then him disappearing… Chris Weitz you are my new hero.

5. Jacob Black in all of his hero glory. Because really, I’m convinced SMeyer kind of fell in love with him and was not expecting to. His long hair, those muscles, that quiet insistence. “Stay here. Stay with me.” *Dies* I will see this movie more than once.

And here it is, for your viewing pleasure:

You should also know that the week of New Moon’s release, we will be celebrating here on Hollow Tales. In fact, it will be TwilightMania. The first movie will be reviewed on Monday. The four books will be reviewed between Tuesday and Wednesday, likely in chat discussion form (as we did with Frank Beddor’s Looking Glass Wars), because Lisa and I have similar and still, surprisingly different things we loved about the books. We’ll do a vampires and werewolves mythology post Thursday and then Friday will be YOUR day to tell us what you thought of New Moon (since we all know you’ll have seen it by then.) 😉

There will also be a fun giveaway that week! I have some New Moon stick-on tattoos that came with my purchase of New Moon forever ago (back when Eclipse was released, I think) so look out for those!

November cannot come soon enough!

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