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A Little Late

My apologies for the silence! I was on vacation until Sunday and got back to immediate domestic duties (note: unpacking sucks). Please forgive me! I will try and have a freebie up on Friday. I hope you’re all enjoying your summer. 🙂


Little Note from Lisa

My laptop charger is dead! I’ve renegaded my husband’s netbook for this post, but I won’t have it for long. Unfortunately because of all this ridiculousness, I completely forgot to write a story for this week. You probably noticed it missing yesterday. I’m so sorry! I’ll be back next week. Hopefully. Read good books!



Happy New Year!

Happy 2012 everybody! Hope this is a great year for all! We’re getting back into the swing of things, and we’ll have a fresh new story for you on Friday!

Holiday Hiatus!

Hi readers! Hope you have a great holiday! We’ll be back in January with fresh new stories for you!

Introducing Tales From the Hollow Tree: Volume One!

Hello lovely readers! We here at Tales From the Hollow Tree don’t have a new story for you today, but that’s only because we have a big surprise that we’re very excited about—we hope you’ll like it too!

Isabelle and I have loved this project so much that we wanted to see if we couldn’t package them up nicely for readers to have to read at their own leisure, so soon we will be releasing an ebook of ten collected stories from Tales From the Hollow Tree—eight you’ve read before and two that are all new and will only be available in this book! Stories of Enchantment and Desolation is just that—a collection of tales where the line between alluring and devastating is blurred or crossed altogether. These books will be published in a beautifully formatted .pdf and will be available through various sources by the end of November for 99¢. We’re so excited!

Isn’t our cover lovely, by the way? My awesome husband designed our new logo, and as you can see, we’ve got a new banner to match! What do you think of it?

Hey guys!

This week’s story is going to have to wait until Monday. Sorry! Isabelle’s on vacation and completely devoid of internet!

In the meanwhile, what kind of stories would you like to see on the Hollow Tree?

Operation Fresh Start 2011!

We have an exciting announcement!  The Hollow Tree has been a bit… hollow lately.  That’s mainly my (Lisa’s) fault.  I’m getting married in a week, and book reading, much less blogging have not been on the agenda very much…. but that doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten about you!  Or that we’ve lost enthusiasm for all things Young Adult and Fantasy.  We’ll be having a Grand Reopening in January, with a fresh new look and a couple of fresh new voices to go along with it!  Keep an eye out!

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