thephoneix’s bookbag: The Wicked Woods by Kailin Gow (A review)


So this week I continued with my quest (mind you it’s a new one) to try books by authors that I haven’t read before. Now I’m not sure how long this quest is going to last before I dash back into the comfortable arms of my favorites, but hopefully I’ll get through the stack that’s currently resting on my desk. A girl can dream right?

Anyway this week I decided to go with Wicked Woods by Kailin Gow, whose Frost series I’ve heard such great things about. Despite my love for fairies/fae (I’m blaming Peter Pan), I decided that I would give Wicked Woods a whirl first and go from there.

Now Wicked Woods starts with Briony Patterson who finds herself living with her great Aunt Sophie in Wicked Woods, Massachusetts after the disappearance of her parents and younger brother. Apparently disappearances are the norm as it seems people tend to walk in the woods and never come back. Briony finds out pretty early that Wicked Woods seems to be a nexus where all types of creatures go bump in the night.

I got to admit I was curious to see where Ms. Gow was planning to take what had been a promising premise, but I found out soon (and I mean soon) just exactly what was going on in Wicked Woods. At times I was in disbelief at what seemed to be some kind of parody of Buffy right down to the forbidden love of slayer/vampire and geeky sidekicks. Without giving away anymore spoilers, from the one dimensional characters to the predictable plot, I was sadly disappointed in what promised to be something good. I sadly give this book a disappointing C, and frankly now I’m weary in trying out the Frost series. Still I sometimes find that an atuhor can surprise you when he/she writes something different.

So what did all of you think for those who read it?

I’ll see all of you next Thursday to discuss “Evermore” by Alyson Noel.

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4 responses to “thephoneix’s bookbag: The Wicked Woods by Kailin Gow (A review)

  • Lisa Asanuma

    Sorry it was such a disappointment!

  • Jo

    I read the second book, Shimmer, too, that came out the same time as book one, Wicked Woods, and it has many more twists and turns than you expect. I didn’t think Buffy at all while reading Wicked Woods because it turns out her aunt is the slayer and there’s a whole society of them. I’m a huge fan of Ms. Gow and the first book in her series are introductory. That’s why they are series books. They get better though. At least you tried out Wicked Woods. Shimmer has more werewolves and a twist on her family.


    • thephoneix

      Thanks Jo! I’ve definitely heard good things concerning Ms. Gow and her Frost series. After I get through the pile of books on my desk, I’m going to give her another try. As for the Buffy reference that came to mind, it popped in my head when Briony started slayer training and falls for the guy who is a vampire. 🙂

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