Book Geek Wednesday: Book Highlight

We here on Hollow Tree have fallen in love with fantasy. Irrevocably in love. I greatly appreciate the more traditional fantasies, with magic and swords and curses, but I’ve also come to appreciate and enjoy the ever growing trend of dystopian novels, the interesting sci-fi spin many of them have taken on, and the dark undertones/themes, which despite being YA feel very universal.

Keeping that in mind, I still have a soft spot for the fairytales. They are what drew me to the art of telling a story to begin with, and they are what continue to impress me as they can be written in a million different ways while still keeping that original feeling intact. And re-tellings have been everywhere.  Which is why I’m thrilled to suggest Straying the Path, a Little Red Riding Hood Anthology.

This anthology, presented by Drollerie Press, is unique in that along with various re-tellings of Little Red in the form of short stories and poems, it also includes illustrations. It looks and feels like the fairytale books of old. And though it is not necessarily strictly YA, it definitely can be appreciated by both mature YA audiences and adults alike.

The writing styles are diverse enough to remain interesting, and yet they each have a kind of fluidity, each story holding its own flair and its own unique viewpoint, yet still feeling a cohesive part of a whole.

Want a taste of what’s inside? Check out the full length excerpt here. In the meantime, check out this snippet of an excerpt from UNDER THE SKIN by Greg O. Weatherford.

Finally a thud and a scratch send me rushing to open the back door. My father stumbles in. He’s exhausted. His black, heavy fur is smeared with blood, firetruck red and clotted black. He smells of animal and fresh meat. He shuffles on his fours to the fireplace and collapses. As usual after a night’s work, he’s exhausted–his yellow, slitted eyes are rolling in their sockets. His heavy breath fills the room, his eyes close and he snores.

I lay an old blue blanket over his wolf body. When he awakes, he’ll pull his human skin back on; until then I don’t want him to be cold. Then I shrug my backpack over my shoulders and rush to school, just as the bell rings for first period.


My mother taught me what to do when it happens, when he goes out. Stay quiet, stay alert.

Stay inside. Do not walk into the dark where he can find you. Say nothing to anyone. We are alone in this.


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