Movie Magic Monday: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

I thought this movie looked pretty ridiculous. When I realized that it was supposed to be a “remake” or maybe homage is more appropriate, to The Sorcerer’s Apprentice—like Mickey losing control of the mops while the wizard is away… (which is adapted from a Goethe poem, by the way) I thought it couldn’t help but be ridiculous.  Live action?  Really?  And then when I saw a long-haired Nicolas Cage as the sorcerer, I figured that it really was just going to be so off-the-wall crazy as to be completely, idiotically insane.

But… I watched it anyway.  And I loved it.  Is it over the top and silly?  Yes.  But it knows that it is, and has a lot of fun with it.  I think Cage especially probably just had a blast playing this character.  There are a few key homage moments, including the mop scene, and a shop display including a classic Mickey Apprentice hat, but this is obviously not trying to be the original 50’s short, simply act as a nod to a classic Disney film.

The story is fresh and original, if not a little sappy and sideways.  My favorite thing about this film is the slightly tilted sense of humor, and the way that they go to places that you are just asking for them, too.  (Just wait for the droids line. You’ll know what I mean when you see it, and you’ll love it as much as I did.)   Meanwhile, there is plenty of opening for a sequel, and considering this is made by National Treasure people, I won’t at all be surprised if a sequel does indeed make its way onto screens.

I give it an A-.  Good clean family fun. 😀


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