Movie Magic Monday: Shane Acker’s 9

Okay, I have to admit, when I first saw advertisements for this movie, all I could think of was Oddworld.  You can thank my having grown up with video-game-playing brothers for this (in fact, the mention impressed my fiancé, who I watched this with).  The little creatures had a similar look, and both involve one of these odd little critters leading an insurrection in a dystopian world.  The two really weren’t as similar as I was thinking, though… and it was an interesting, if not somewhat confusing little movie.  Of course, it was made in conjunction with Tim Burton, so you had to know it was going to be weird going in.

What I have to say first off, though, was that the graphics were amazing.  It was the main reason I wanted to see the film, and I wasn’t disappointed for a minute.  The world, even in it’s dark and dusky, had it’s own kind of beauty to it.  The characters were fascinating, too.  My favorite was probably the twins, who were just cute to watch.  The movie is dark in general, there’s a lot of sadness and loss involved in it, but ultimately it has a good, satisfying, if again a little confusing ending.  It’s more of a “there’s hope for the future after all,” kind of ending than a secure resolution, but that’s really all you want by the end.  It was a little scary, though, so I don’t know that I’d let little kids watch it, at least.  If you’re into cautionary tales about technology gone wrong (and then right, and then wrong, and then right) then this is definitely an interesting movie to watch.  It’s short, too, which I didn’t realize going in. I don’t know if it’s something I’d want to watch over and over again, though I would like to see it one more time, maybe, for clarity.

I’m going to give 9 a B+A++ for graphics, though.

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