Movie Magic Monday: Eclipse Media Blitz Has Begun

For the last week, I have seen Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner all over the television and internet. The Twilight machine has begun its advertisement frenzy for the third installment of the movie franchise, Eclipse. I was not nearly as excited about this movie as it was filming, for several reasons: media over exposure, the replacement of Rachelle LaFevre, the darker directorial direction… etc. So unlike the first movie, where I stalked every site and every news source and photograph, and for the second movie, where I anxiously awaited seeing Jacob Black come to life, Eclipse was more of a passing thought. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to see it.

But now, I keep hearing all these early rave reviews. People saying that this is the best one yet. That everything is finally coming together, chemistry, storyline, etc. So… I kinda wanna see it now. If only to see poor Jacob tortured by his unrequited love for Bella.

What scenes do you hope make it into Eclipse? Are you excited to see the vampire army? Does anyone else think that scene with them coming out of the water looks somewhat zombie-ish?

I may be uncertain about a lot, but this particular clip, sells me.


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