Lisa’s Tuesday Perspective: Mermaids – The next big thing in YA?

I’ve heard rumors that mermaids and various other sea creatures are possibly going to be the next big thing in YA fantasy.  Whether this is true or not no one can really say, because the market is only as predictable as human fickleness allows it to be, but in either case it had me considering whether it was a topic I’m interested in or not.  To be honest… I’m not so sure.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I wanted to be a mermaid as much as any other girl at one point in my life, and there’s still that little part of me that would love an existence under the sea chasing butterfly fish and playing with dolphins, etc.  I’m just not so sure I want to read about it.

There are definite mermaid story classics that I love, of course, with Disney’s The Little Mermaid and Splash being at the very top of that list—but outside of those few stories that I fell in love with as a young child, I’ve yet to find a mermaid story that really captured my attention and held it.  One series I tried to read had obviously spent a lot of time building their underwater world and the rules and regulations of society… but the characters were two-dimensional at best.  I’ve enjoyed reading the Emily Windsnap books by Liz Kessler, but they’re middle-grade and the writing makes you feel it.

I guess I’m just wondering if this kind of story can be done in a way that I not only believe, but fall in love with.  If it can, though… I’m all for it.  Because really, I’d like to want to be a mermaid again.  I’d like someone to be able to write a story that convinces me that wanting to be a mermaid is okay.  Don’t you?


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One response to “Lisa’s Tuesday Perspective: Mermaids – The next big thing in YA?

  • Isabelle

    I obsessed over being a Mermaid for so long its embarassing. Ha ha. 🙂 I would love to read a good, captivating mermaid story, but I find my standards are high and it would be very difficult to reach them.

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