Movie Magic Monday: Clash of the Titans

Before watching Clash of the Titans, I watched the original, which I hadn’t really seen in years.  I’d heard that this one was just as bad… and that’s probably pretty true.  It’s also just as entertaining, though, at least.  To be honest, I do like the original better.  It fits the original myth a lot closer—considering the fact that this one switches things around considerably, but it was kind of interesting seeing elements you knew were coming, like the giant scorpions, the Kraken, and Medusa not only done in a new, higher-tech way, but also fit together in almost a completely different story.

I will say, though, that Sam Worthington made a much more emotionally-connective Perseus than Harry Hamlin did in the original.  I enjoyed this Perseus’ determination to do things “as a man” and not as the son of a god, but I don’t know how well it served the story.  I was disappointed also that the movie followed the starting-to-get-tired trend of making Hades the bad guy.  In the original Perseus is the target of Thetis, a lesser god (played by the illustrious Maggie Smith) whose son was cursed by Zeus.  Thetis retaliates by putting Perseus through a series of tests.  In the newer version, Hades is simply a conniving god angry at Zeus—in fact, I felt like I was watching Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief again, as the storyline was similar.

Someone behind this movie also just really seemed to like the story of Io, as she not only appears but is a vital character in the film, when she never appeared in either the original film or the Perseus myth at all.  I like Io’s story, myself, but it I found it kind of distracting to have a completely unrelated myth simply supplanted into the midst of what is already a complete story.  I also liked the relationship Perseus had with Pegasus better in the original movie, and was kind of bothered that they made Pegasus a black stallion—it simply looked a little malevolent, when which was the opposite of how Pegasus was meant to be.  It’s quite a nice film from the effects point of view, however, and it has some quite funny bits in it—most of which are intentional, as opposed to the lolarity of the original.  I think overall I’d give it a C+.


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