Movie Magic Monday: The Princess and the Frog

I have to hand it to Disney, this was a real attempt.  The Princess and the Frog was meant to be a return to classic Disney—think Disney Princesses Disney.  It was complete with a nefarious bad guy, mystical guide of a sort, kooky side-characters of various species, surprisingly dark elements, and lots of musical numbers, with a prince charming moment at the end…

But still, something was a little bit off.  It wasn’t quite the same.  It was a hash between a princess movie and The Emperor’s New Groove, and while I love both genre’s, and this did end up incredibly cute, it just wasn’t the swoony Disney love story I’d been kind of hoping for.  Even the musical numbers didn’t hit me as quite right.  It seemed as if they were added because Disney wanted this to be a musical, not because the songs actually fit into the story, particularly.

That said, I think if I’d seen this as a kid, I’d have probably enjoyed it… but give me Cinderella, please.  Or any of the classic princess movies.  My heart is locked up in those sweet, simple fairy tales.  This had too much spin to it, and not enough sweet, I think.  I have to give it a C.

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Lisa is a professional freelance writer and editor, along with a bookbinder and knitting obsessee. Lisa has a passion for YA literature (inside her passion for literature in general) and is currently working on her first novel. View all posts by Lisa Asanuma

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