Lisa’s Tuesday Perspective: Last Fablehaven out today!

Oh man.  I need to get reviews up of the Fablehaven books, but Brandon Mull’s series about a brother and sister who discover that their grandparents are the keepers of a secret reserve for magical creatures is one of my favorite book series ever—especially under the fantasy heading.  I’m hoping to be able to go to the release party for Keys to the Demon Prison—it’s tonight at Cottonwood High in Salt Lake City, and since I happen to be in the vicinity of there around now… we’ll see.  If I do get to go, maybe I’ll do a write-up on it for Friday.

Honestly, I’m almost depressed that the last book in the series is here.  It’s not Deathly Hallows doldrums, but with Harry Potter and Fablehaven now finished, I’m looking for something else to draw my fancy—then again, I still have this whole book to read, and it’s the longest in the series yet!  So I’m excited.  Mull is promising ties to as many loose ends as he could find, and I’m looking forward to a satisfying read.


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