Movie Magic Monday: What’s Your Favorite Fantasy Movie?

Since I am trapped deep in the writing cave this week, I thought I’d give you, the readers, a chance to respond. There are many, many great movies out there, and I certainly haven’t even seen half of them. So give us a glimpse at some of your favorite movies and tell us what made them all so special! I’ll start a TBW list (to be watched) and I’ll Netflix the ones that really sound awesome so that maybe I can feature them here on the blog! Sound good?

🙂 So chime in!

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3 responses to “Movie Magic Monday: What’s Your Favorite Fantasy Movie?

  • Katie

    Much as I love reading fantasy, fantasy movies can be a bit ‘iffy’. Still, I love The Princess Bride, while my fiancé adores Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal. I’m sure between the two of us, and his incredible DVD collection we can come up with some more for you.

  • Katie

    Okay, back with recommendations…
    The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
    Brothers Grimm
    Clash of the Titans (1981)
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    Dungeons and Dragons: The Elemental Might
    Ella Enchanted
    Erik the Viking
    Evil Dead: Army of Darkness
    Krull (he says you’ll either love it or hate it)
    The Mummy (all 3)
    Sleepy Hollow
    Time Bandits
    Tin Man
    Van Helsing
    Hellboy 1&2
    V for Vendetta
    (disclaimer: many of these are his recommendations, not necessarily mine)
    That should keep you going for a while 😀

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