Movie Magic Monday: Sci-fi’s Tin Man

Imagine the Oz you knew as a child. The magical yellow brick road, the innocent Dorothy caught in the whirlwind and crushing the witch, the beloved characters singing and dancing hoping to reach the Wizard so they could all get something… a brain, a heart, courage, home.

Now forget all of that. Scifi’s Tin Man is not your mother’s Oz. It’s a modern, edgy, steampunk inspired retelling that is clever in all the right ways.

For starters, Dorothy is replaced by DG, played by the lovely and charming Zooey Deschanel. And don’t expect the pig tails and blue dress. That’s her waitress uniform. DG rocks slacks and a bomber jacket. The wicked witch is actually a beautiful Sorceress, Azcadilia, in search of the Emerald to amplify her power during the coming eclipse. Oz is known as the O.Z. (or outer zone). Tornadoes are travel storms from their world to ours. And Scarecrow? Well, his name’s Glitch and he’s got a zipper on his head from when they removed half of his brain because he knew too much.

That’s only the beginning of this inspired re-imagining. I was stunned by how clever and original it all felt, not to mention the amusing nods to the classic all throughout (“It’s Tutor.” “Toto!”) I highly recommend this! It suffered from a little bit of corny overacting during the final act but the project as a whole is so ambitious and fun, it can be forgiven! A-


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4 responses to “Movie Magic Monday: Sci-fi’s Tin Man

  • Lisa

    I actually loved the ending of this. Maybe I’m a bigger sap than you. 😛 But it was kind of my favorite part.

  • Katie

    Loved it! I really enjoyed seeing how they changed, but still stuck to the original story.

  • Julie

    I loved everything about TinMan! So much that I bought it 🙂

    I just wish Alice had been done as well.. I was unimpressed with their… “translation.” Where Tinman twisted things to be remnants of the literal translation, Alice just sort of… seemed like a tacky dream.

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