V’s Tuesday Perspective: House of Night: Marked by P.C. and Kristen Cast

As one of the new resident vampire lore ‘experts’ called in to help with the upsurge in vampire Young Adult fiction, I decided to tackle the first book of the House of Night series: Marked.

Zoey Redbird is a sixteen year old girl who is marked as a vampyre fledgling on page three. From there, she catapults into a school and life that are the opposite of everything she theoretically was before. She is, of course, special, as her mark (a tattoo on her forehead that indicates one is scheduled for vampyrism) is filled in instead of outlined like typical fledglings. This means special treatment and extra drama when she enters her new school life. An assigned twangy roommate leads to a quirky group of friends and together, they must find a way to bring down the bitchy antagonist, Aphrodite, the leader of the Dark Daughters.

I should point out here that my once snobby book tastes have moved more towards ridiculous escapism in the last couple of years (thanks to a bunch of friends who have convinced me to embrace not only my inner geek, but also my inner teenager). That part of me certainly enjoyed this cracktastic book, the same part of me that read The Vampire Diaries with avid fascination.

There are young adult books written in a style that is teenager specific and there are young adult books (particularly nowadays) written in a style that pulls adults as easily as teenagers. This book is the former. Zoey has an insta-mentor, insta-friends, an insta-love interest, and an insta-arch nemesis in true Young Adult fashion. There are a ton of parentheticals that clue us in to Zoey’s snarky, teenaged line of thinking, and there are a ton of go-to quips from clichéd side characters.

There is nothing about Marked that I found particularly original or brilliant in the vampire universe, but it’s a fun and fast read. The characters are also wonderfully fun to snark at if you read it with a friend 🙂 Rating: B-

~This review brought to you by V of V Yarn by Vberry.

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