Fun Friday: Reading Technology

So this week’s big tech news is the new Apple iPad. (Ugh, could they have come up with a worse name? Really?)

It’s pretty impressive, in that portable, personal LCD screen kind of way. I’d love to use it to watch movies while on vacation or to play games. But as a personal reader? I’ll stick to the devices with e-ink technology. That’s the whole point, isn’t it? To go easy on the eyes? If I want a portable reader with a large, LCD type screen, that’s what the laptop’s for.

But… the buzz is large and heated. Will the iPad beat out the Amazon Kindle in the ebook war? With their new iBookstore opening… price wars are sure to begin.

How about you, readers. Fess up. How many of you read ebooks? How many of you would purchase the iPad as a reading device? What are your thoughts?

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2 responses to “Fun Friday: Reading Technology

  • Julie

    I really thought the iPad was going to be an airbook without the keyboard. Instead its an oversized iTouch. I have an iTouch, its what I read all my e-books on. There’s no way in hell I’ll spend $500 on a giant version of the same product. It would be like marketing the Kindle DX to Kindle users. >.<

    I might buy a Kindle or Nook in the future to solely read books on, but I'd never buy the iPad. And if I didn't have the iTouch I would still buy it over the iPad. The thing isn't even flat!! How the hell are you expected to type on it if it wobbles?

    Leave the e-book market to the book stores, Apple, and get on the hover board technology already!

  • Storybook Princess

    It seems to be very similar to the itouch. Which I have. I am not a fan of e-books but if I was I would probably just use my itouch. I am a big reader but my favourite format is audio books. Prefferably unabridged and I never get them from itunes. Rather from

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