Movie Magic Monday: Race to Witch Mountain

The selling point for me to watch this movie was aliens. Aliens with cool powers. I’m always down to watch humanoid aliens do neat things that we humans only dream about. I figured, it’s Disney, so I’m sure it’ll have a feel good element. And well, The Rock isn’t too bad to look at either. 😉

Though I really enjoyed the logic of the storyline once it was explained, I was very disappointed that it happened in the form of an infodump, rather than through interesting scenes involving character discovery. Yes, I get that we only had so much time in the movie, but the alien kids remained very vague and unimportant to me. I cared about them only in so far as I couldn’t bear two kids getting caught by the government. As people, as characters, they failed to truly capture me.

The story seemed to focus much more on Dwayne Johnson’s character, the non-believing taxi driver who gets caught in all the action. His paternal instinct to protect is charming and his progression toward discovering the truth is amusing. The action scenes were fun to watch, particularly the one advertised in the commercials where the boy is standing in front of the SUV. If you haven’t seen it, I won’t spoil it for you, but I did get pretty psyched by it, visually.

I think the movie had a lot of promise but failed to deliver on most aspects. It was entertaining but not overly memorable. It was fun in a sci-fi meets pop culture kind of way, but not a genuine science fiction story, like ET or the new Avatar (which I am SO going to go see in 3d soon!).

Unfortunately, I have to give this movie a C+. But for light, family entertainment, it does what it set out to do. dwayne john


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