Book Geek Wednesday: Into The Cold Fire by Lynne Ewing

Continuing my exploration of the Daughters of the Moon series, Book 2 is the one that really hooked me. As I said before, Book 1 is a great starter story, a great introduction to the main characters, to the evil known as the Atrox, and to their alternate world in general. Book 2 ups the stakes. Plot wise, it kept me riveted to the page.

For starters, the book focuses on another of the ‘daughters’, the second of the four best friends, Serena. Her power is mindreading. It’s great to see how Ewing incorporates the supernatural elements into a teen’s everyday life and how it might make them feel so out of place. While Vanessa fears disappearing during a kiss, Serena has finished conversations with boys who never actually said anything to her. You can imagine how much that freaked them out.

Anyway, Jimena, Serena’s closest friend of the four, has had a premonition. She sees Serena betraying them and stepping into the cold fire, an ancient ritual meant to convert a dark follower of the Atrox into an immortal. Very few get this privilege, and for some reason, Serena is chosen. Of course, Serena is convinced she’d never do that. But… well Jimena’s premonitions have ALWAYS come true. So what will she do? How will she change her fate? Can she?

I have to say, thus far, Serena’s POV and voice suited me much better than Vanessa’s. While V was all preppy and popular, Serena is a kind of free spirit. I really dug that. She plays the cello. Her brother is a surfer. She exudes intelligence and maturity. But most of all, I enjoyed Serena because she’s not as cut and dry as Vanessa. There are definite grey areas to her. And although you never doubt her loyalty to the daughters, you do wonder if she’d turn to the dark side, because she has definite dark tendencies. This fascinated me and made her a very strong heroine in my book.

And there was an added bonus, something that Lisa can tell you I get weak in the knees over. His name is Stanton. And although he’s a follower of the Atrox, there are definite feelings going on between he and Serena. Very impossible and forbidden feelings, seeing as how they’re on very seperate sides.

This book earns a solid A from me and remains til this day one of my favorites of the series.


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