TV Magic Monday: Lost

2010 marks the final season of Lost. Hard to believe as I still remember sitting at the edge of my seat for the premiere. It was one of the most memorable openers I’ve ever seen, and it stuck with you long after the episode ended. It kept up that fascinating pace for about three and a half exhausting seasons. Then, like most great shows, it allowed the hype or the executives, not sure which, to over complicate things.

I lost my faithful week to week interest at about season four. I stopped watching alltogether when we lost Charlie. But that’s the thing about this show. It becomes an addiction. Somehow, this past year I was sucked back into its magnetic vortex. And its even more fantastical and crazy than I remember. Now I have to finish watching just to see how it ends.

Will you be watching? Granted, it’s not aimed at a YA audience but its a smart, mysterious sci-fi fantasy adventure that can appeal to all ages.

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