Book Geek Wednesday: Goddess of the Night by Lynne Ewing

Goddess of the Night is Book 1 of the Daughters of the Moon Series. Vanessa Cleveland is a pretty ordinary girl. She’s pretty, blonde and relatively popular. She has a huge crush on Michael Saratoga, one of the hottest guys in school. The way she carried on about him, I was afraid he might be her Jordan Catalano (but you know, less of a jerk, ha ha). All in all, this recipe would spell disaster in my mind. I hate these kind of characters, with their perfect lives and their perfect attributes. Lynne Ewing managed to convince me otherwise. You see, beneath the surface, Vanessa has one huge problem. She tends to become invisible when she gets really nervous, which is going to make kissing Michael Saratoga really difficult.

And just like that, the story goes from being another teen story to a great mythical series. The reason Vanessa can become invisible is because she is a mortal goddess, one of the daughters of Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon. She has been chosen to help fight the ancient darkness known as the Atrox which has been sent to devour hope and destroy the goddesses.

As a stand-alone, this book does a great job of letting us get to know Vanessa, who despite looking like she has it all together suffers from the usual teen angst compounded by her inconvenient power. As a series starter, it also beautifully sets up the world that we’ll be visiting with the subsequent books. We meet some of the other Daughters as well, who go on to star in later books, musical Serena, tough girl Jimena, and spirited Catty.

Although the book occasionally suffers from the staple of teen writing cliches, it makes up for it with its strong mythology, wide variety of likeable characters, and interesting story arc. I may be jumping the gun a bit, (I’ve read about 5 books of the series so far) but it gets REAL good. 😉

All in all, Goddess of the Night gets a B+ from me. A good, solid read and a great start to a fun series.

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