Movie Magic Monday: Star Trek

I was never a traditional Star Trek fan. I did not see any of the television series so I went into the movie only knowing two things, that it was a prequel of sorts, and that Zachary Quinto was in it (which would have been enough for me). Personally, I like that I had no preconcieved expectations for this movie because I was able to go into it objectively.

Basically, the story revolves around the two main characters from the original series, James Kirk and Spock, though all of the other fan favorites do make appearances. It was funny to hear people throughout the movie start to ask – what about Sulu and Scott- and shortly after the character would appear. And they are delightful side characters with tons of personality and humor.

What I found most interesting was the time travel storyline, as I’m a huge fan of time travel and its repercussions in fiction and television and movies. The original Spock (Leonard Nemoy) was chased back in time through a black hole by Nero, a Romulan bent on revenge due to the destruction of his world. Strangely enough, Nero was played by Eric Bana and I did not even recognize him! The makeup was impressive.

Original Spock goes into hiding and Nero comes across young Spock, who has no knowledge of the incident, as it has not yet happened. Nero then decides to make him suffer by destroying Vulcan and forcing him to watch the death of his family. And although he is supposed to be emotionless, logic dictates that he must save who he can to continue his family/species, but even deeper, Spock is overwhelmed *tiny spoiler* by the loss of his mother.

There is a lot of great action, fantastic graphics, and Kirk acting very Kirk like with the women and his rather reckless, impulsive behavior. Be warned, the movie is definitely intended for older teens as its violent (not not really graphic) and has many sexual undertones. But overall I really enjoyed it. I liked how it turned the fate of the characters around for a time and then brought them together for canon. I give it a solid: A.

FTC disclaimer: This movie was not provided to us for review. It was purchased and watched for entertainment purposes and the review is intended only for informative purposes.

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3 responses to “Movie Magic Monday: Star Trek

  • Lisa

    You’ve never watched ANY of the TV series? My goodness, woman, is there any classic fandom you are familiar with? 😛

    I don’t know that going into this “objectively” was that much of an advantage—or should I say, a necessary advantage. I knew the original series just enough to see the differences (like the relationship between Spock and Uhura—which was fantastic) but the film made it so clear that it was an alternate universe (I believe they even used those words haha) and it was done in such a way that showed obvious love for the characters (though Kirk really was the least like the originals of any, I thought) that it was immensely enjoyable for Trekkies too. Even if some of them don’t call themselves that anymore. 😉

  • Katie

    I’ve always refused to watch Star Trek, considering it the pinnacle of geekdom – a place I still refuse to go. However, my fiancé has been watching the various TV series what seems like endlessly this year, and I must admit to being sucked in. The characters are well written and performed, and there is plenty of humour.

    • Lisa

      It can definitely be cheese extreme, but there’s good ideals behind it, and the characters can suck you in if you’re not careful. 😉

      And the humor is good! They know how to have fun with it.

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