Lisa’s Tuesday Perspective: Silver is for Secrets by Laurie Faria Stolarz

Stacey Brown has finally graduated and is looking forward to a nice, relaxing summer renting a beach house with her boyfriend and good friends, but that is all put off-kilter when she meets Clara, a somewhat ditzy, unfortunately boyfriend-snatching younger girl who Stacey senses strongly is in trouble.

Clara has secrets that could end up being deadly for her, and as little as Stacey and her friends like the girl, she can’t turn her back on her and let her die, either.  But at the same time Jacob, the one person Stacey should be able to trust more than anyone, is keeping secrets from her, too, and between that and Drea and Ambers hatred for Clara… well Stacey can’t help but feel a little on her own.  With the added stress of once again having someone else’s life in her hands, the secrets are a bit too much to have to handle.

Admittedly, this book makes the least sense plot-wise of the series so far.  The misdirection Stolarz implements so masterfully in Blue is for Nightmares and still-convincingly in White is for Magic is a little too willy-nilly and easy to see through here, and doesn’t end up leading anywhere at all in most cases.  I didn’t really mind, though, as book three brought back the scared-to-turn-the-light-off creepiness of the first book, even maybe turning it up a notch.

I’m also continually impressed by Stolarz’ portrayal of friendship.  Stacey, Amber and Drea are three very different girls, but they have the kind of friendship anybody could wish for, and a bit more believable and organic than something like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, for example.  Drea and Amber nitpick each other to death, but when someone else picks at them they back each other up like siblings.

Jacob and Stacey’s relationship grows really nicely in this novel, also, and it’s interesting to see these characters in a slightly more adult environment, and to see Stacey interacting with Chad (her ex, and Drea’s boyfriend) and to see how relationships grow and change.  Again, the friendships are my favorite thing in this series, and I’ll use the word organic one more time, because that’s how genuine they feel.  It’s really the highlight of the books, and why I’m so eager to move on to Red is for Remembrance (which my library is currently holding for me, yay!)

Silver does not by far end on a happy note, and there is quite the cliffie at the end, but if Red is about what I’m hoping it’s about… well I’m certainly interested in seeing how it plays out.

Silver is for Secrets gets an A from me.


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