Thursday Myths & Legends 101: Twilight Vampires & Werewolves

Or maybe I should say vampires and shape shifters?  But this is New Moon week so let’s roll with it. 😉  Then again, if you’ve read the books and are a Twilight obsessee, you probably don’t need this post.

Stephenie Meyer has basically taken the Vampire canon and thrown it out the window.  Okay, her vamps drink blood, but other than that?  They’re a whole different species of vampire.  Meyer’s vampires are sort of a mash-up between dracula and Superman – their flesh is as hard as stone, whiter than white, and oh yeah, sparkles in the sun.  You can conveniently tell if her vamp is likely to snack on you or not by whether its eyes are red (human-blood drinkers) or gold like the Cullens (animal-blood drinkers, or “vegetarians”).

Meyer’s vampires are also ridiculously fast, outrageously strong, and—oh yeah, they sparkle in the sunlight.  Because of this, they tend to either be constantly on the move in small (very small) groups or, like the Cullens, and their friends up in Alaska, they stick to the greyest, rainiest parts of the world, drifting from one area to another as they outgrow their ages—because yes, Meyer’s vampires are also eternally young, and forget about blending in, because they’re unnaturally beautiful, too—okay, that’s familiar from other vampires.  Meyer’s vamps are also ruled by the Volturi—the oldest vampires around, who keep the other vamps in line, and stop them from revealing the race to humans.  This is, of course, exactly who cause a lot of the action at the end of New Moon. 😉

Stephenie Meyer’s werewolves are actually descendants from the Quileute Spirit e tales, at least.Walkers, and really there’s a whole explanation as to how the Spirit Walkers turned into wolves originally, in chapter eleven of Eclipse, but basically, the werewolves are protectors of the Quileute people.  They are made up of the descendants of the leaders of the tribe in generations before, and werewolves only exist – or come into being, as they are needed, or in other words, the Quileute boys only turn into wolves if there are vampires in the area.  These wolves are just about the only thing (that we know of at least) that are any competition to Meyer’s vampires—besides other vampires, that is.  Their teeth – in wolf form, of course – can tear vamps to pieces, and oh yeah, while they look like wolves, they’re also as big as horses.

(And they’re pretty.  Okay, so I’m biased.  I’ll take tan boys over pale any day!)

There’s probably info I missed here, but don’t worry, there’s much more info if you go look at the Vampire Mythology and Werewolf Mythology pages over at the Twilight Lexicon.

Can’t wait to see these boys in action!

Ahem.  And the vamps, too.  Really.  hahaha


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One response to “Thursday Myths & Legends 101: Twilight Vampires & Werewolves

  • hoochy momma

    omg, jacob black is so sexy. and edward is so… eww. if i were bella, i’d pick jacob. he could offer her so much more, i mean, cold and souless or warm and heartfelt… wich would you choose??? GO TEAM JACOB!!!

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