Lisa’s Tuesday Perspective: White is for Magic by Laurie Faria Stolarz

WHITE IS 419White is for Magic is the sequel to Blue is for Nightmares, and continues the story of high school student Stacey Brown, a Witch in a homeopathic sense of the word, who spent Blue having nightmares about her best friend being abducted and murdered, and has to figure out her dreams in order to save her.

White occurs the following year.  The one-year anniversary, as a matter of fact, and once again Stacey is having nightmares… but this year it’s her who’s in danger.

I admit, this wasn’t as horror-movie scary as Blue, but that was okay with me.  This novel let us dive a little deeper into the characters.  At  the end of Blue, Stacey ends up with the perfect, blue-eyed blond boy (also her best friend’s ex)—but in the second novel she starts to wonder if that’s what she really wants, especially when Jacob comes into the picture—Jacob, who’s also a Witch (it’s a faith thing, not a gender thing here) and has been having nightmares about Stacey.

Jacob becomes the one person who can truly understand what Stacey’s life has been like… but Stacey isn’t 100% sure if she can trust Jacob.  After all, he’s new to town, and knows way too much about her.

But without Jacob, she can’t make sense of what all her magic is seeming to warn her against, and trusting him with magic may lead, ultimately, to something much more than she’s bargained for.  Half of the time she can’t worry about semantics, though—she has to concentrate on saving her own life.

While it’s not quite as scary as Blue, again, this is filled out nicely with creeptastic dreams and multiple red-herring baddies.  The climax of this was more satisfying than in the first novel, also, and Stacey continues to be a smart narrator, with great friends—I have to admit I get a kick out of Amber, the whackier of her two roommates, who makes for a lot of the comedic relief in the series.

I give this a straight-out A.  I’m enjoying the series muchly, and I’ve already started Silver is for Secrets.

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