Lisa’s Tuesday Perspective: Requiem by Heather Ingemar

We’re excited to have our first featured-author week!  Make sure to check back on Friday, when we’ll have Heather here to talk about her gothic YA ebooks!


Hattie Locke has a gift: when she sings, the dead dig themselves from their graves to listen. As a death-siren, her life has always been this way.

Then the dead begin to show up in numbers far beyond expected. With each song she sings, they grow pushy and demanding, rushing the stage to reach her. Trapped in a place where her dreams of music become her nightmares, Hattie is left with nowhere to turn.

But then she meets a boy, who promises freedom from her curse.

Now Hattie wonders: is ridding herself of her voice worth losing the music she’s lived to create?

Available at Echelon Press.


This is a very nice, quick, easy-going read.  Hattie is a great character, and I think a lot of teens can relate to  her—especially when her wants and dreams are drastically different from her parents’, who want her to continue singing career.  Hattie’s at a crossroads in her life, one where she has very good reasons to go either way.  Add a new romance into the mix, and things certainly get complicated.

I think Ingemar did a great job of letting you know right off that Hattie’s world is not our world—here things like vamps and weres and known entities dealt with regularly, where having a voice that pulls the dead from their graves is rare, but not entirely unheard of—there’s even records kept and broken as to which death sirens pull in the most walking corpses.

Hattie’s also super-relatable in that something that she’s dealt with all her life suddenly becomes overwhelming.  Her parents don’t (or won’t) see that her vocal “talents” are suddenly endangering her, as they’re too tied up in the prospects of a career for her, so she’s kind of on her own until she meets Jasen, who’s… well, somewhat less than living, even if he’s not falling-apart dead like most of the people she attracts with her voice.  Jasen and Hattie have a bit of a whirlwind, all tied up in figuring out some way to stop the walking dead from attacking Hattie every time she so much as goes to choir practice, and the idea they end up with… well, it may not be what you expect.

I didn’t know what to think going into this since it’s not really my common genre, but I honestly liked it a lot.  Heather Ingemar pays a lot of attention to detail, so you can visualize just about everything going on in this story, and the climate between her and her parents, and her friends and teachers, etc, all seem very natural and normal—definitely an example of fantasy highlighting everyday challenges.

I give it a (strong) B+


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