Book Geek Wednesday: Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Melissa Marr has been blessed by the cover fairies. Not just once, but multiple times. It was the cover to Wicked Lovely that first made me stop short. I mean look at it. It’s absolutely stunning. And I’m glad it did, because I opened the hard cover, peeked at the first page, and found myself enchanted by the opening scene. In fact, thinking back, it is that scene that has stayed with me the longest.

The trial depicted is meant to test if Keenan, the Summer King’s current love, is the one who will help him bring his world out of the cold that his mother, the Winter Queen has trapped them in. If she is not meant to be the Summer Queen, the poor girl is cursed to an endless life of cold and given a wolf as her companion/consolation prize.

The thing about Keenan is that he has seduced many girls in his quest to find ‘the special one’ until he comes across Aislinn. And as it turns out, she is different from others. She has the faerie sight and has been trained to conceal her gift to avoid being caught. Keenan proceeds to try and woo Aislinn, with the help of Donia, the forsaken lover.

I’ll admit, Donia’s appearance throughout the book broke my heart. It was no secret that she still pined away for Keenan while he happily pursued Aislinn. And it was refreshing that Aislinn didn’t just fall all over the beautiful Summer King… rather she sought refuge with her best friend and major crush Seth. And yes, I liked Seth and all his bad boy ways. He was sexy in the way those naughty boys at school were sexy. I liked him for Aislinn. And I was cheering for him above Keenan for Aislinn’s choice.

I loved the mythology involved and really think Marr did a fantastic job creating this world. I’m looking forward to reading the next story in the series, Fragile Eternity. I might even take a glance at the ‘off-shoot’ book, Ink Exchange, out of curiosity. All in all though, I think this YA book really got the faery trend into the public eye and it’s great buzz is well deserved.

Grade: A-


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3 responses to “Book Geek Wednesday: Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

  • Kryssa

    I’ve read all the ones that are currently out — you should probably read Ink Exchange. It’s not strictly necessary to the story in Fragile Eternity, but there are somet things that might be a bit confusing without it.

    Also, it’s amazing.

  • hollye

    I agree with Kryssa that you should read Ink Exchange. Its fairly necessary in understanding Fragile Eternity AND its just plain good!

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