Fun Friday: The Vampire Diaries


So.  Are you watching?

I have to admit, I didn’t think I’d like this show.  Despite being the type of girl who’s read through the Twilight Saga twice (well, except for Breaking Dawn) I’m really not a vampire kinda gal.  I’m just not.  But I am, and always have been an Ian Somerhalder kinda gal, and so I decided that despite my currently-limited internet access and the complete and utter lack of The CW in my new area, I’d take a chance on this show.  I still haven’t seen last night’s ep (so don’t spoil me! :-P) but I’ve got to admit, what I’ve seen, I’ve liked.

The basic set-up is this:  Two vampire brothers, one good, one not so good (okay, he’s flat-out bad!) have returned to their hometown after a long time, and wind up in a battle of wills, of sorts, over the soul of a recently-orphaned high school girl named Elena, who happens to look remarkably like a long-lost love of Stefan’s—the good brother.  There’s a lot of mystery being trudged up over how Stefan’s relationship with Katherine, Elena’s look-alike ended, but however it did, we know that Stefan and Elena certainly have a connection in the here and now.  The problem is that Stefan’s brother Damon is basically set out to make Stefan’s life a living hell—that or get him to feed on humans again, and “remember who he is.”

So, I admit I haven’t read the book series this is based off of, but I’m really enjoying the show so far.  The characters have a lot more depth to them than I expect from your average CW show, and while my dear Ian looks a bit old to be in a high school show—I’m old enough to remember him in Young Americans, dears—he still looks pretty smokin’ hot, if I do say so myself.  Stefan’s not half-bad himself, of course, and I’ve kinda got a crush on Elena’s little brother, too… minus his “extra-curricular activities,” I suppose.  Elena’s ex Matt is pretty cute, too.  Basically the town is rolling in the hotties.  Elena strikes me as being intelligent, too, which is always refreshing to see on screen (or off).

I’m having a blast watching it.  What about you?  How does it hold up to the books, for those of you who’ve read them?  And if you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for?  Check it out online!

Oh, and one more thing.  Slight spoiler here, if you haven’t seen episode two…

Did they really kiss at the end of the second episode?  Where’s the build-up, where’s the suspense?  Am I the only one who was expecting to have to wait a bit longer than that?

~Lisa, who had to wait until episode nine for Max and Liz to kiss on Roswell, thank you very much.

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21 responses to “Fun Friday: The Vampire Diaries

  • Isabelle

    ROFL. I LOVE that you really just brought back Roswell. Because, really, we had to wait a disgustingly long time for them to finally kiss- though the tension that entire time was sizzling. I saw the premier of this show, and then totally lost track. I really have to get a tv schedule going. I’m forgetting what night things play. I do love the ‘diary’ voice overs though. Reminds me of Roswell a bit too. 😉

    And Ian… ohhh Ian, how I love thee.

  • Anne

    LOL! I love that you brought up the kiss vs. Roswell kiss at the end there, because that was my EXACT reaction too! “The end of Ep 2? Hmph! We were so much more patient back in the Roswell days!”

    I’m intrigued by the show, but there’s a lot of things that rub me the wrong way about it. I really don’t like that half of his interest in Elena is based on the past, and I really hope we get to a point where the past isn’t hanging over them quite so much – hopefully soon!

  • Lola

    Does anyone know when the next episode airs??? I’m so addicted and can’t wait for the next one…

  • Lola

    Boo… I don’t want to wait until January 😛

  • thea mea

    hi to all members of vampire diaries♥♥♥♥♥♥ i love you so much♥♥♥

  • samantha

    personally i have not watched it but my friends have,,,we have all read the book and trust me when i tell you that the show is completely wrong on everything. they switched everything around from the book and it sux. i always like to visualize a book but from my friends say, its good but if you read or compare it to the book, it absolutely sux. nothing is right. but maybe ill catch a few episodes. not real excited about it however. you are deffinitely right about Roswell though. absolutely love the movie and Liz and Max did take for freakin ever!!!

    • Lisa

      I’m not really a fan of vampire books, I have to admit… minus Twilight, which really doesn’t count. 😛 I had definitely heard from friends that the books and the series are nothing alike, though. Probably if I were a fan of the series I’d be annoyed at that too, since I’m pretty much a purist when it comes to canon, but not having read them, I’ll admit I love the show!

  • Sassy

    oooh , it’s so great

    I LOVE IT …

    I can’t wait for the next one ..I’m so adiicted .. i don’t want wait any longer


  • alayna

    OMG have you seen this movie i mean come on you have to

  • Jameelah

    i love vampire diaries, i mean stephan,damon,jeramy are all completly gorgouse and matt and ben are cute to well lets just say they have picked the right to act this show cause there all hotties.this show is wicked and i can not wait till the nxt episode.

  • lilyangel

    oh my God, this is my best vampire series after twilight, i love all the xters but my best is damon, although he is a bad guy but i love his swagg, he is just great and hot, also love stefan and elena.

  • Jocelyn

    Haha, your right there wasnt much of a build up for the kiss, but im hoping for Damon and Elena to kiss, since theres something there! I think so anyways 😉
    And if they do eventually kiss, they would have waited more than a season!

  • virendra singh

    it,s great an very intresting

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