Lisa’s Tuesday Perspective: Fairy Tale by Cyn Balog

Finally!  I’ve been having some disappointing reads lately, so far as YA fantasy goes, but I read Cyn Balog’s Fairy Tale in two days this weekend (probably would have been one, if I hadn’t started to late on Saturday!) and I just loved, loved, loved it!  This was exactly the book I’ve been wanting to read, a lovely combination of fantasy and real life, that while doesnt make fairies out to be nice, shiny helpful things, doesn’t make me sick at the thought of how awful they are, either.

The set-up is this:  Morgan Sparks has grown up next door to her best friend and boyfriend Cameron Browne, and the two of them share everything, including a birthday!  But as their sweet (or “studly” in Cam’s case) sixteen approaches, Morgan has to deal with the fact that Cam, her sweet, hot, star-quarterback boyfriend is… turning into a fairy.

Of course. 😉

My first reaction to this is… wait, he’s turning into a fairy?  I didn’t know if I could quite wrap my head around that.  And yet, Cyn Balog pulls this off very, very nicely.  So nicely, in fact, that I could probably read it over again right about now.  I certainly don’t want to give away the twist in the story, but let it be known that it is absolutely worth it, and Balog’s quick, quippy narrative is just a delight to read, and makes Morgan feel very much like a real-live girl, which is something that I’ve been missing in the books I’ve been reading.

And I totally fell for the guy by the end.  Totally.  Which is also something that’s been lacking in my recent YA fantasy reads.  Fairy Tale totally earns its big ending, and I whole-heartedly recommend this quick, fun, surprising read.


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