Book Geek Wednesday: TBR Additions

Instead of a book review today, I thought I’d live a little dangerously and tackle the object of my frustration: my TBR pile. It’s been seriously lacking for a few months now, mostly due to lack of time and funds. But I’m about ready to build it back up and I’m looking for some great YA fiction to fill it.

For starters, I’m reading Graceling by Kristin Cashore. I’m not too far into it yet, but I definitely like the world building surrounding people’s ‘graces’. Some seem utterly useless (like talking backwards without thinking) while others, like Katsa’s, can be invaluable and abused. I’ll definitely have a review for this one once I’m finished reading it, so look out for it, ok?

And might I just point out the AMAZING book trailer? It’s how I first heard about the book in the first place. It’s so professionally done, it plays like a movie trailer. I was very impressed. I wish more books had trailers like that. I know they’re most likely expensive to produce – but it might be worth the expense. It got me to buy the book after all!

So check it out:

I have been hearing a lot about a certain Maggie Stiefvater. I first saw her book Lament over at Flux Books (which have a great YA selection!) I absolutely loved the blurb so I started checking out a few of her other books. Now, I also want Shiver. It’s about wolves and I’m sure my sudden interest in it stems from my intense and ridiculous love for Jacob Black. There, I said it.

So those are just a few things that I’m reading or that I want to read. But I’m always open to suggestions. Is there anything you’re reading that you’d highly recommend?

I’ll admit, I tend to first judge a book by it’s cover (I know, bad me!). But more than that, I take friend recommendations VERY seriously. It’s how I stumbled onto some really amazing books. And it is, in my opinion one of the highest compliments you can pay a writer, to say to a friend this book is exceptional, you should read it! Because it means the book has stayed with you long after you finished it. 😉

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7 responses to “Book Geek Wednesday: TBR Additions

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  • Cristin

    I bought GRACELING a couple of weeks ago, but it didn’t grab me in the first chapter or two I read, so I moved on to something else. Might still try coming back to it, but generally high fantasy isn’t my thing.

    And I disagree about the book trailer. If I had seen that before I bought the book, I think I would have been LESS likely to buy it. I rarely think book trailers are successful. Most of the time they just look so cheaply done that they put me off what might otherwise be a really great story, just like if your awesome novel has a really, really terrible cover. If publishers (or authors) were willing to put more money into them to make them look really slick and well-made, though, I do think they could be really effective marketing tools.

    As for what I’m reading, I just finished HUNGER by Michael Grant, which is the second in a series. I really enjoyed the first, GONE, but this was was just brutal. And I normally really like brutal, but it was hard to read sometimes and made me feel unhappy while I was reading it. Will still read the next in the series, though.

    I am filled with wild anticipation for CHASING FIRE, Suzanne Collins’s follow-up to the amazing HUNGER GAMES. It comes out on the 1st, and I can. not. wait.

    And, once again, I cannot recommend Patrick Ness’s KNIFE OF NEVER LETTING GO and it’s sequel THE ASK AND THE ANSWER enough. I love these books in my bones, and not enough people are reading them.

  • Isabelle

    Hi Cristin! Thanks for stopping by.

    I hear you on the high fantasy thing. I think it’s one of those genres that you either love or hate. It’s definitely not mainstream though. I happen to like the worldbuilding she has going on, so although the beginning has been a bit of a slow read, I’m going to push through and see what I find. Books like this tend to pick up!

    As for the book trailer, I think it was lightyears better than most I’ve seen. Some tend to be just dreadful, some amusing, this one was ambitious and I really liked that about it. I agree with you in that it can be a great marketing tool if done right, but it will take funding (probably pretty expensive funding).

    I think I’ve heard of GONE. Or at least I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it in the store. I tend to like brutal so I’m going to have to check out the blurb.

    The rest – marking and looking up! Thank you for the rec’s!

  • Courtney

    So, I have not read Graceling, but have read Shiver. I love Shiver. I have to admit I was drawn to it because of the cover, the nice blue font throughout the book, the use of two narrators, and my similar crazy adoration for Jack Black. I really enjoy the use of the first person point of view from both the female and male lead characters (it’s a style that I enjoy writing in myself). It’s a beautiful and heartbreaking story that left me wanting more. I had to hold back the tears, due to how emotionally tied I was to these characters that she developed. Even though Sam is a wolf, I began to forget that it was a urban fantasy book, because it was such a romance novel. If you are not a fan of romance, and all of the heartbreaking realities that comes along with such a perfectly difficult pairing then skip this one.

  • Adding to the TBR Pile « Twisted Fairytale

    […] Talking about what I’m currently reading and books I’m dying to get my hands on over at Tales From the Hollow Tree! […]

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